T Yama Motto

This is my first webpage!

Here's how you make Laggerts and genetics (as in "you're only, as good as your last genomic expression") text.

We Love Lego Life

Xian's character design; since youd have to be stark, raving mad not to be completely engrossed by what the building block or amino chain framework has achieved! now offered in digital format.


This is my special effects impersonation


"Are you going to let your whole life pass you by or wait on it to pull up right next to ya on a red tricyle?"

`Shadow Walk

"And they came for me in my alphabet colored orphanage for spaceships, then because we were no stranger to the wigwam nor settlement property, then because US was defined by heron shacks, ice cream parlors and children but upon leaving America; they lusted no more."

`Martin Niemoeller


This is my ideal; whats yours?

We are a Horizontal bounce ball heading ¨eno napa¨ soon


  • No children's cartoons or children's songs other than Chinese; unless specified
  • You must keep up with your allowance wallet
  • Have Fun, enjoy snack time and nap time is important! Superheroes need their rest!
  • I will eat a balanced or portionate diet: meat, vegetable, starch and dinner roll; RSDA need not apply
  • Vitamin supplements should not only be chewy but tasty too!
  • Elbows are not served at the table nor should they rest there table rest hahaha
  • You ain't living unless youve experienced a food fight so learning must be a explorable venture
  • The only friends you have belong to the same monkhood as you making them your brothers and sisters as well
  • Don't touch things in the professor's office without asking, first
  • You'll attend to your duties, as assigned; which includes cleaning up after yourselves: the song

    Study Plan

  • Programming: Accessing html developer tools for viewing through The power of an F12 function in Chinese
  • Language Studies: Calling for Aiti via Mneumonic Aptituding in Language Studies
  • PC Operating Systems: Windows 98, Chrome and Linux so Whatś the Difference?
  • Online Correspondance: My First Email Account at Yahoo! Here´s mine, now screenshot yours; which is ctrl + some equivalent to F5 on mine
  • Practice writing your sister´s name using virtual Kanji
  • Squaw Talk: on the Real
  • Convert an email account, such as gmail into another language. I chose Chinese; Tradiditional or Pinyin are usually the options we select from
  • How I managed finding the Penguin Directory Prompt for Linux/ Linus is anybody´s guess yay!
  • This is what it looks like when the Language and Country is changed on YouTube. Now, together letś nosey around what your chanel at (blank) look like too!
  • Math, Science and Arts Oh My! Living the Outdoor Life
  • Road Scholarship: Learning on the Fly

  • Work on your mathematics constructing a factor tree
  • Get the Learn Chinese Mandarin app or Japanese Kanji Study app to practice brush script
  • Watch METV or look at your 1930s family vault elsewhere online like Classic TV.com
  • Investigate Mama Lisa and give the little boy in a onesize a kisss when you see her
  • Investigate Jem and the Holograms Movie Trailer on Amazon Prime
  • Look at the books in the John Cena festival backback
  • Count how many melon flavored candies are left in Raamsa's piggy plastic
  • Look at the clothes that have been bought for you to model in and be pretty for youself
  • Do your sister's hair using what's left of the clay sculpting gel and mud and tell me what you think
  • Let's experiment with cosplay festival eye lenses for show and tell at home
  • Tell how you would make your first vimeo video using what props such as a typewriter
  • Investigate your cardboard food repository and make a list of what's in there to remind me
  • Please remove the outer wrapping from your rice paper candy before eating it
  • Visit my sister's webpage 妹妹 for more homework; noticing there is no denoting of her being younger or older as recognized by Chinise ;)
  • The Case for a Reasonably Socialized Skill Set: Young Self