Welcome to My Page! My Nameś Jessica; Vorname: A German Re-Issuing of the Sacred

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This page is to let everyone know that my model number is 110011, so a proprotype that Majka; Ms. Michaelson most most lamented and tormented over, despite being a carbon derivative. In defense of myself, I just got here! Luckily there was a little girl who lived at 211 who wore Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans and a powder blue blouse with a big bow tie and hopefully those two can get together and figure some shit out.

It'd be foolish of me not to be thankful that my little ass wasn forced pulled away from Maria Jean who had me for Kari, since that would have been the crytogenic coverup of our time..Consequently, Aitu was the child making upscale cameo appearances on METV's "The Jeffersonś", under the guise of some festival that they call Woodstock; yet the battle for her brain was being duked out. It's safe to say that this had more to do with Jenny and less to do with me.

This undercurrent for the rolling hills of a nostalgic fest also known as the Summer for Breaking Through was hardly the celebration hoped for. Luckiily, there were always concerned family members around to pick up the slack, since Yama was sleeping with her eyes open. It wasn't no fault of hers but...but because if you think of the earth as a hole in the ground, then well anyone especially me might have fallen in. This isnt mean to be too romantic, mushy or otherwise; whenś the wedding? cause I looove cake.

And that's not nearly as interesting as this one uknown fact about retronizing, which was that producers and directors had no idea about what a what? a mixed race child was going to look like so, there was 1 light child and 1 dar child and well...my familly went to syndication and were well received by the audience, in the form of irony or spoof. After a while, the audience got so use to looking at that paradigm; unlike some narrowing hotpocket of Indiana...basically until my eldest sister's Guardian could come up with an intermediate aesthetic that struck a chord

and yea I'm still that Swedish woman's kid.

Love me now,

America's Closing
Kiss my Black Ass
Kiss my White Ass

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