The Case for Planetary Descent

13 Tribe Envisioning

What might have a caused it? (Blue was there for several of these...) but now the question for modern science how did it happen in terms of...I mean like...why did the planet not get up to walking and they...the Laggerts not simply fall off? You cant tell me that the vibrational frequency is being withheld by things like plastic, false bodies and electricity....ya gotta tell me something new...

The Pre-Material Truth

Hoarding the concept of race

They obvioiusly dont want genome to connect up folks to get access to firearmes much collective input story tellling entered or made credibe as geneological report accounting cosmicically making the term less, in the clouds more actually field of study...where Jewish are concerned ie Asians under Jewish ie Christinaitiy occupation....Christianity in Asian context not one of fabrication race bitching and moaning about....proactivity or prorated value of Blackness or a black politic that had no licensure it not an art but a statehood conditon of or worth fighting dying for...a mockering of South Africa shall be the least of your concern...but mauving of emotion should be...there is no sucha thing as exploitation of survival

Im probably working human resources maybe as McGryff, Harold sitting to left of desk filtering through resumes (for some Black man) yet I am as a child 2-3 years old barking at resumes that seem ok...and folks were obviousy passed as employable not employability obviously...stuffed animals come to mind such as energizer bunny pink....and something blue perhaps...thats probably how middle management began...causing system already upset to be reflushed, reset all over again.

hanging on to some odd percentage of opportunity in a fraction of a negative .001 that some brown child laid up abused etc etc etc and that couldve been rescued by pale woman; just isnt the case however the fact of a practice or test run on adoption, since everyone had to be farmed out in pursuit of tenure track stilll might in some realm remain the most nostalgia excuse for nostalgia to keep being on that final closing curtain a species holding up current evolutionary going rate, in form of we'll keep hanging on until that option is no more ie Americas closing cause Im leaving!...lending to possible names such as Typecast by the Planet eliminating any man tinkering that they wouldve tried to exstract and or for default setting...what about the reverse? .

WE got into trouble or the church got into trouble accepting donations; for anyone who remembers the whole Continental Bank and the Florsheim department with Izzy dolls-enough said.

Its possible that the line mightve been obfuscated between sadistic and machismo (S/M) or sado-masochism (just the fact that they hear I didnt say that the knew that a differential was conceivable gave ideas); they tried to hack the worst of it to claim but wayyy worse than that they are a fabricated race...Im specifially referring to some movie under Mad Max where the woman is being chased or run down in middle of street with a baby and you see the kids shoe just randomly laying in middle of road...they cleaned it up with James Earl Jones character and the rolling head coming off the womans body.

I also believe a fabricatd race chimed in during a time planet was shifting or transitioning from barter trade to paper currency (chattel property vs chattel slavery made for putting wager of same child up...bothering same kid any way they see fit or possible...taking child now in place of furniture or wood ie what then must we assume about petrified wood, should be absorbed in places where shots are fired ie sounding...then also comes up as a recycle program during and or at inception of digital currency and or cryptocurrency.

5 sisters were having Woodstock in advance; aware of impending trouble by activating the lock out game to bring or co-erce these Laggerts into materiality since its fact that they are coming, so enticed by the porous or gaseous state of frolicing where they hear about some kid being passed around, as serious as Ive ever been yet in the form of a pint size squirt held late or sequestered by the need to guarantee well organized return to self. Chatzy is there pretending to aid with the sentence "you get right back in there with your Mother" and bam the door up! where I'm fronting T;she's in back of me now, although Im lost in the room with her, yet only 2 of us there. While scratching my head we are in between lets say Laggert vs Laggert at perhaps an apartment on Laflin and also perhaps across the hall as in this Kadi John character but the same sequence is repeated when Im at county hospital sick where one sister comes in with well "I got some Ricobene for her, next one I got some now and laters for her, next one with I got this outfit she die for up until number they hear all of this be-witching and get up for a piece of that same action; hence causing plantery descent and the laggerts mimic from there, ridiciously."

We came up out of the waters of our Mermaid dialect, upon the earth sensing its own troubled reflection and while the animals (seal) were left like chattel abandoned ocean property-wailing, hungered yet outspokenly mimic-enacting our fate beside the seaside hearth with legs forced to temporarily retreated among some undisclosed closet location; soon to drop off their child and return back someday... so a childs uncertainty was exploited...she had yet to learn about the politics or infrastructure of possession.

-There was a fire ie sabatoge that led to some paper archive of a genome paradigm ie layout organizationi structure being eradicated, so identities hoped to be lost forever were consumed..Hiawatha being towward the top of the list for falsified cultural occupancy, in the future known as mis-appropriation of dark culture or indigenous culture (native to area ie Alaska or Alaskan native) by the pale made current...being accuracy plotted or check point with horizontal being x constant and y vertical being variable.
-Children can detect when things arent right, Ricki is acting stranger than normal goes into panic over what she thinks may or may not be happening in the masterbedroom either because trouble is iminent or she mistakingly things our parent is hurting me in the back...they watch a family for maybe 5/6-10 years...they hear her freaking out at 211, then next thing you have a fed invasion (feds got the 211 house surrounded) as in the case of E.T. involved fabricated race people and a legitimately concerned alien federation..bobby brady and alien asking him to board the spaceship...things happen no different when Im at Temptations and cant remember to keep one foot...#left foot down on the floor.
-T could out jump the fabricated race and that caused planetary descent.
-Keep the spirit inhibited like a sex organ and take it out on the food...Laggert low vibrationation thought system...assume theyll never be caught for sense deprivation as heinous crime...boom planetary descent.
-211 landmarks...there was a zoo enclosure with cascading water falls merging right, then the 126 Jackson use to pull in front of the building, then there was a building across the way...some girl over there...opposite the master bedroom...I use to peep around at...not an allie.
-Expanding of the ocean air waves due to being wildlife quarantined, so Iḿ plankton or alg ae big yet feminine (usually three brranches bruseh me in the head on the left side) no verbal skills walked by an anti allie (DL or Cwhoever) to remember how factory pollution expanted into something like a business district...key words..Chicago River, Huron, Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Shore Shore Drive, embankment, police horse, police barricades, orange and wide, sand bags tryint to prevent ocean waves from spilling over, then how da fuck did Carter and I escape, ocean shouldve wouldve killed us on impact...sandbags cannot atone for weak or failing infrastrure when a fabricated race is holding it up or holding it back.
-Unable to pass, an area where the schoolyard looked as it did in ¨Small Wonder¨ Iḿ walking with Cat with a blue uniform on...some boys prevent us; here came Liptonś song LEt me Pass by...the trouble happened near the dead end...boom taken deeper into planetary forwared to the movie...The Unloved.
-Illegal battle for speaker of the house through which information pours directly down via cosmic filter..etheral body is not the question since there is a higher realm, for example we dont decide which functions or peoples names show up or appear in app...being one of a televsion box or screen used to house a a video of someone or animal, such as a horse...making this paradigm, as the district99 educator would say ¨even a mystery to us¨ us being shopkeepers ie shop genome owners. that supply people and employ communities (make resources available and people deliver on skill set).
-There was a saying ¨be still when you got that kinda pain¨ (gave rise to new ideas and or notions) which would have become the excuse to keep me locked at the bottom of their ie Laggert wheel barrel as a teminal pain passing vessel.
-Hoping to strangle memorys central nervous system long enough or separate 2 halves of the same splice long enough to cause the dark one to, as they say invert Illuminati like someone signals for the KKK remove Maria; leave the world.

-The affliction placed on Venus in the form of a cross under the head or circle (ie trying to cause women to be underserved, fecal occult blood miserizing, lunacy of the mood lending to the Salem witch trials 1838 with hysteria eventually moved into sanitarium ie Tuberculosis testing usually done for large populations; tightly quarrantied or packed like sardines vs psychiatric care being the crime; they´re all discreditable...keeping mind...we now know that there were some auburn haired entities who dont look like what they think they look like who were in fact burned at the stake for example no need to re-write history just clean it up) which also in turn means that the astrological construction became too complicated to be singularly re-mapped (orignally done not on a system that gives you the answer but with an ephemeris; otherwise someone at large might get an app and are simply regurgitating information and if they are truly on the up and up; itś just flat out difficult to trace steps, formality or proceedure...
-Part of the movement would've/ mightve been the fact that race diagnosed construct was dissolvable under specific, finite conditions but when that's the "already" default setting (lending to some cloud descriptor known as romanticism ie then the notion of dissolvable boundary: impossible (not at the sake of its self, this is not where we've implement risk nor abstain from it); reverting all resources (all loaner states) forked out by a genome back to its original core humerous (a loyalist only to what it can perceive itself as being; the inherent victory, the enticement, the lure, the power, the truth ie the danger) run off with or abduct the child, then pray, home, assume and believe the next of kin have no back up files ie no soul (no inbred morality compass or wiring just empty fat body cells number counting/ floating, until memory has been unplugged out from the existential places feign hording it ie plastic, dispersement, placement, individual ownership countn etc) fabricated race-all of them..
-In watching "The Wizard of Oz," theres possibility that a pre-existing active war threatened a fabricated race of sub-ficcient pales (Laggerts) who then devise a plan to extract the melanated recessive gene being maintained by Annanaki and Nephilim by striking up a sub-ficcient entity named (XXXXXX); placed under the guise of religion; Christianity vs Catholicity/Protestanticity/Puritanity or Puritangelical.

-We were set up through a plane crash due to what seemed to be unsecured luggage, the protagonist tells 2 of his kids to go around to the right back wheel, afer having staged this plane crash and construct their much so that by the time we get University of Illinois; someone like Maria has to have a specified viewing time to retrieve grades off of a bulletin board at psychology hall. Now the lecture halls are 200-300 students with id information posted in multiples of four out in the open. You live with people what do you think they do? They run through your drawers, dip in your garbabe to find out what constitutes as menustration and make themselves stupid looking for photographs; thus Ill stop there but you see the dangers at a university when the genome is not on track...immediate and then an extended family...on the up side..the test for blackboard learning (becomes a new language) and break folks up.

-Ricki and the perfume feet flasks she wanted to hair went thin...don't worry Ricki..come on and I pushed her from the back...

-The child rides around the tri-Taylor street area, on possibly a 3 wheeler with her guardian or shadow galaxy; being native to the area, the Laggerts demand that ¨Welcome to Iceland¨ or Alymer prototype look be entered into a wager/wadger/weder (simply put)...causing this ginseng cell of an electronic cell to keep throwing up or hacking up those distant dream shards or particles after hours.

-Sugar ie the grape pop with Cat and The Jeep being the culprit..already documented below...

-Fire: An undocumented gross domestic product, since fire was discovered out of an evolutionary requirement like a child receieves a girl scout badge to document a certain fortitude, aptitude or go environmental fraternizing hence you got the little primative (ie the Neanderthal) with low verbal skills but iq high enough to make fire through rock striking and through the use of a flint; making the case for communication inherently or innately self-evident...electric equivalent...not butane...fossil or gas or pipeline confined to houses, homes or encasements or disperment centers like old ass stoves or ovens ie fire becomes an endangered species, while trying to chart an anti-impossiblity as a phase in continunity on the spectrum of continuining consciousnes; then camping loses the science of credibility as an applicable artform that extends further than> the boundaries of any classroom left otherwise divded.

-Making sex an endangered species, then trying to copywrite and or patent it as an art form, hence we have the character assault of Joan Jett (the most problematic file) specifically the shadow picture with her boot on the wall, then comes the notion of rock and roll music as a poison (wjat!? not at Woodstock) anything that cute is underperforming, anything that ugly (that was the going rate for ugly by the way) has to be fucked in the dark and anything that embarrassed is gotta be running up out of town. Truth be told I dont know who she look like besides Bjork or an upstaged less classy Laura Branigan. They tried putting the freckles from this species onto the Hindus via these characters Cat and Senta; who weren't equipped from the beginning; its obviously moi..which unfortunatly brings me back to "Return to Iceland" (she'll never have this trouble)...if that child is loved sexually adequately, you're saying she wont become a woman why? now you are holding someone in concept of their own looks, body aging ie geneology? Impossible.

-The premature ending of the Miocene era (surrounding the Wooly Mammoth); what are your theories or supplications on why?

-The search for that alleged 1% or the rumor that if an accident has been made that person can be brought down and made right eligible again; "originals" return home in war.

-The spirit of some African/ Indian war doll chief jumps through the wrong able-bodied venture; all hell breaks loose on the planet.

-Failure to contaiin the sea; causing an overflowing; hence falling out of divine favor over some possibly obscure reason; just as the dormitory says be home by 10 or you are locked out til morning (same princple, only a far more extensive criterion) legs were kept in the closet and forgotten to put back on..forgotten call of the wild..forgotten what it means when you see the seals and sea lion at that time; lined up on the open shores calling maybe narwhal and or walrus>mermaid.

-Artificially stimulated; electronically contrived ie you're tryig to tell me contrivance is its own genome?

-Normally vocabulary is not held, maintained vs exists within a culture that cannot see its objective though, then why does that lexi-cloud exist then? Because the The Nephilim and The Annunaki do, then? I know not because there is a United Kingdom or Great Britain, then? Same answer. Boom!

-Accused as a confederate loyalist or surrender complacent to the White man; Hiawatha, when in reality the Hampton-Chin Klann had been backed up in the shack: a log cabin house was a come up, at that time. All appears quiet after let's say 2 weeks of informal hostage stand-off, and upon stepping out alone to test how genome collectivity will be micro-impacted; there they were still lurking; hence re-intialization not against ourselves, as in interneceine warefare- they are slowling fizzling but the fallen ones; the Laggerts.

-Were were at a temple check point for the Amdo, when the platform became unstable due to invasion, people have to trust the video footage being brought back in sacred lasts of the East; unexploited by man. There were warring factions more than likely 2; now able to RNA spiral information from the enemy porting into that experience body for all encanvassing conocer. Man on top pressure point triggers snow avalance or induced ambush. Kim looks up slight let to find the Yeti ie astrolopithecus ran to assist and drew language out of an incommunicable livelihood of child, female, girl, woman: terms yet to be addressed.

-A rumor was started that the Gringo or pale folks were just "keeping house" with something beige-brown fairing hidden in the back room, which turns out to be Yona "Kim" Geisha ie an orisha or little lady in waiting; causing an illicit temporary separation of parent and child or 2 halves of the same genome slice to be be temporarily separated; alpha twin set or pairing; one lets 65% aquatic and the other 75% terrestrial; a theory.

-Innocence was the only crime, consequently Mother-Earthing con (with not anti Spanish has a slight face off with Latin) centric doesnt mean unaware and death doesnt mean unwarranted ie Mommy whore.

-The birth of a male child generally fused in with the economy of household yielding the highest paid; hence came the idea to remove the older son from a Black household in this what they think is just a game called "Pullman Porter" vs "The Illuminati", which due to time travel; the genome was able to circumvent.

- A break in the circle walk that defined a community largely over a grape pop, causing the children genome set 1 pre-partitioned from my body, such as Omar to scatter before Sacagawea realized; thus disbarring her by pushing, casting her aside in an attempt to replace whatever.

-While sitting ceremoniationl style also known as Indian style,

-Instead of Adam and Eve, there was Lilith and who? referring to a feminism based music festival duh! meaning a gender divided was forged by the West and European nations maintaining; proportionate birth rates, less state-church consanguining or underwriting systems of intimacy ie how, when, why? more same-sex receptive and immigration internally regulated via EU/UK/ Israel.

-Depravity of cosmic structure out of which grew some rumor about original sin, which was didn't exist at all; they usually say..."the concept of original sin" rarely "original sin" itself, so the gaseous state cannot interactive-feel; unsure if that inactive awakened statehood is dead, suspended or just sleepy forgetful.

-While sleeping the temple being woke up and the other 3 entitities had been pre-stripped from that ethereal sheathing so removal of the object's mirrors caused eternal damnation, as in the movie "Clash of the Titan" lending The Andromeda Effect...

-While sleeping, the body lays uncovered or unmodified too long ie cosmic bedsores as an open wound known as states of consciousness (literal women bodies) escaping or worse laying next to some demon raping spiritual life blood.

- The withstanding of the bear trap, which was deliberately set (caught by my left foot) created a larger than human or an entitlement society among a tribal dominant society; despite unbeing the heirs, hence terms like an egalitarian society needing to toggle between conjecture, speculation and fact so paradigm disillusionment.

-Infantancizing the Fountain of Youth led to a new discovery in invigorating beauty serum and the platform had to make the adjustment.

-As if, innocence were a perjury; enough said ie naturally compiling due to unfavorable desire- compulsory entities to no fucking avail giving necromancy, as well as, incubus, sucubus so "demond" a bad rap.

-Too many people at the back door alleging devotion in the form of gift bearing, rubbing body parts, prayer/counsel etc, so the shotguns were immediately overpowered.

-Pulled in by an affixed enemy under an MK sex slave mis-appropriate code name (back that thang up ie Gymkata), so upon flashing; you get Jean Crane coming back in through the trees.

-Possibility that the Damiana files were a little more than just urban legend.

-They were pre-disturbed beings ie galactical mongerers not mongrels without any cosmic placement at all, in the beginning so etherealhood had not disbarred them; so yet to be defeated not just temporalized.

They couldn't be sent any place else in the galaxy so we got stuck with em...not people who they could do anything with in other places; send em to final countdown.

-Darrow frequenting the back door at around 10am leading to speculation that Laura Hampton (code name) took in a stray, untrue; consequently appealing to invasion. If that's her daughter; then why not me, too?

-Population insecurity requires a population refresh; not enough beings to fortify the fallout threating mongrel nation...under numbered or under manned ie genome had not completed its taxonomic rotation for a new phylum such an aquanautic.

-Overhearing "Eden" tried as calling, hollering or screaming names in vain; if that were true than any ole fuck would do! blah! Just as a baby tries to expedite, when it hears children playing outside, then the reverse was true back when...

-The thirst for real estate or property ie contraband, thus you get a reposession of the land on the head or bounty of a a single operator related to a larger world; communicable-disbelieved until the perceptibility of that realness shows up with an iterary.

-Story topping ie genome topping; we were introduced as an advanced science race with terms and conditions, then the fallen ones attempted to outpace us with race baiting, so false pretense, false pride; thus breaking of the 10 commandments. Ex post factor afer implementation.

-They are a fabricated race, so chaos wreaking period.

-Lewis and Clarke Expediation underway; the family meets up and the trail was uncovered.

-The bid for a Sacagawean Mother Tribe

-They don't all have the same Mother yea right but accurately described...different DNA sequencing desities anti-masquerading the truth of a single genome same woman and something about that novelty seemed "cashable."

-The enemy gets a whiff of brown skin and starts messing with the horses to draw her out and not the animals cannot scent detect; hisper the name into Eagle's ear of who she...because of lies being told about...animals cannot outwardly or overtly verify land holders; hence, the term bestiality defiled.

-Universe senses Team red is about to be forced out onto the front lines; lets say at phase 3.

-Wager was causing a lean to heavy to rectify on the currently diffusing currency of choice or going rate, for example lets take the movie tite "Water for Chocolate" which was an Eagle project.

-Had not left United States let alone America, as in yet to become an expatriot or make an announcement.

-The lie about Europeans being incapable of a proper septic system; thus introducing bubonic plague into the West; thus testing for divide or fault line when in reality they would've lived in commune with the animals to fuse or code the land via aboriginal methods to keep any pre-eminent threat at bay.

-The lie that Sacagawea led the White man into the camp allowing small pox blankets; now why would she do that; where her/their children slept? Which White men; give a name?

-A misconception in what particle is {charge}, not so much as electricity? is relative to its overseer ie hearty competition degradation...down dashing...revisit this one.

-The obvious break in continuity like down dashing enabled a creep in; could be possible although this theory requires a concrete example; such as someone off duty on their post in a cornfield for example whose job it is to survey the land.

-Term toggling outta order there comes wage as in a livable wage or earning, wager which is a bid put in on something be it furniture transferrable, or made akin to a person now substitued and ehhh...a wedger ie wedgie which sounds like something caught between something else...trying to bullshit code the planet to Kingdom Come, then here Kong as in King Kong.

-The planet's vibrational frequency is being held back by materials such as plastic meaning linolium on floor and lets not stainless steel for refrigerators.

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