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Hopelessly Zany, while Feathering

Here's how you make coffee and (parenthetical) text.

While feather names have traditionally been created much in the same way children are named by their strongest attribute shinning at the time the Chinese earth caught that verb in its wind tunnel of a periphery...while theyve had a history of being purchased on a card sold at an amusement park store, I was fortunate enough to be born with mine...Men I Trust - Quiet ft. Odile

Formal Simplified Meaning

The generic overview, as if there were a sucha thing

My Astrological name is Viẹt Ti AínƩ 衰落 (She Speaks Yeh Ti) Viet represents the history of #Vietcong #Mom 妈妈 How does this character set translate? Ti represents her favorite overpriced drinking set #Tblond #Majka #Maitũ and Aine represents #aunt...to take this a step further Viet is Chinese in orgin, T (Ti)= 2T is a conjunction like and or but...Ai means amorata in Chinese with a Baltic or Swedish pronounciation but with a Spanish accent mark on the 2nd i and the ending ane tells you the moon was waning at the time you were given this name...so the Chinese charaters mean just that an ebb and flow, a wax and wane or a dwindling. Consequently, the Africans or Pan-Nigerians can now be routed back to the front; cutting in or back in an Afro-Asiatic sub-taxonomy such as...the first e has dot under the e and the end of the name concludes with an e or Esh (Greek Esh or Greek Key) Ʃ: which may be loaned out to your older sibling: TheNathƩ, up until fairly recently had been dropped from the African reference, according to Wikipedia. Et and Ti/Teh is pronounced how? Yeh Ti and who is that? Ricki. It´s kinda complicated, so Yama will take it from here...

Its easy to take this venture forward by creating a background fpr ise pm upur webpage.

Informal Meaning

Reserved for dinner parties and interviews and so forth