This is a 妈妈 Journal (confessions of an inflexorated society) is just a daily loggoing of important invents for Yamma (as you know my real name is Maria) :Aiti, Yama, 1. Myamaat or 2. Myam, Cheyenne, Shy (without any distinction, so far as my girls are concerned; he who came first is King), consequently Heather can call me Jean but these are normally grown folks names, so how the women address me; after hours: Maiea, Morweira* with my underground name being Bora Bora (constant, unmutable).

¨Sometimes what people say isnt what they mean and what they mean is by far more powerful than what they control.¨

Names Re-Hashed

妈妈 Myamaat, Moreira (maybe reserved for Fleming and Lipton) , Yama, Cheyenne or Shy (without any distinction), while Ananda, Lewis, Tehnsuhntemek and Luan are temple names Laura Jean is a place holder and on record proper is Maria Jean (which Heather may call me Jean sometimes because I dont know what sounds like, just as I had to hear you cry to remember whatś happened; your reward), Maea (they cannot me because we dont sex), the name Lucy goes to museum or anthropological curation; chiefly. Pinky ie Jean Crane is the actress name making a segeway into us the last generation track of incest/ backing back down or conceeding to the heirs (in a ceremony the older should bend down before Aitan and let them experience coronation {ie feminie downward facing dog and one side, so that they never forget they are bound to this land's creatures that were created to roam; making them "Free People" and this is what defines a true Freemason- in collective tense they simply come and go and trusted unrestricted by falsified re-districting; they are their own key to any city} by sitting their crown atop your head)...generation Robinhood ie cupcake then...Sherwood equals cupcake (but it does not mean Robinhood). Maria has a double crowning; the other for the woman of the hour, since that's really not quite proper sooo.

Tiene Conocere

  • While my first name is Maria (common), my middle name in Chinese is 吉恩 Jí ēn.
  • For asl my answer use to be no spring chicken (no such season as spring but the chicken use to rest on a coil at Easter it seems I remember in toy form but no chickadee or no forward facing sleeze translation corrected...gonna take a minute but then theres, female and America currently.
  • Here lies my former Italian life on Taylor Street in Chicago, Illinois Midwest Area also known as Tri-Taylor Hospital area of America
  • I am the child of a scientist: infidel, skeptic, free thinker; athiest and agnostic, as well as, sanctified and sectarian alike meaning in astrological terms thatd make me mixed-defined as fixed (limited a womans fixed so no more kids), mutable (adaptable to environmental conditions regio-flexibility) and cardinal (royal or bonafied, so religioius or fundamental ie unable to be mitigated).
  • This might be the 1 video Id actually like my children to see, for a change
  • Ultimate Björk - PART1 (Iceland, Sugarcubes, GlingGlo)
  • At birth my name was originally Ananda (most befitting in a church atmosphere); which means ¨Bliss.¨
  • At some point, Iĺl be the recipient of at least 3 works of body art that you will study over time.
  • I have given birth to other undisclosed to children to be brought back for you as shire, so that you would have an army to figure for your honor and my spouse, who is also my guardian.
  • I have already paid for whatever gifts bestowed to you with blood, sweet and tears so enjoy!
  • Victory shall never equal success let alone sucession in falsified war (weĺl succeed to you either in an official war or preparation of a species change with the castle being maybe 4-5 feet away, thatś what we had you and placed on a genome track so that one day Iĺl be able to see you both smile and believe that it is so!
  • Youĺl probably or hopefully never see me use the word I quite this many times again in subsequent order.
  • I typically wont buy you rainbow colored things which is why youĺl shop for yourself via what I allocate to you because you are mine or what you earn from completed chores; note the difference.
  • I will give you your first taste of champagne and bon bons or a comparable chocolate import; the monks get something a little different.
  • We en3oy Love Is cartoon

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