Welcome to My Navy Seal Life! My Name's McKenna

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My mom is a former member of The Black Panther Party met by the criterion needed to underake a working class party; successfully heralded in Europe despite still currently hailing from the West, which once included altruist-pronounced initiatives (now called 5th wave or matriarchial feminism) ranging from women's self defense to America's early breakfast program. Additionally, functioning as labor spy operative through an "Yvonne" (possibly Elaine) auspice: Augury [See Wikipedia] at some University in the Mid-West; consequently a state over from all of the ruckus that grew from the controversial Ohio State University's Weather Underground also known to spectatorship as Mojo´s Pen-we survived. Her concurrent involvement with chairman Bobby Seale extended the longevity of the group under a new mission; yet the speculation surrounding the nature of their relationship has remained undisclosed to this day...
Consequently hermana Jessica (possibly Katherine but Chrysanthemum Samhain Snow...Iĺl have to discuss it with T) grew out of ustedes, this or that amalgamation
Her Woodstock
M/æ/a Retrograde

Brain wavelength must remember; less only ranslate imaging through time, so what is an ok picture on a website as a representative body politic may not work later on but...

Heres a photograph of her modeling hair balls or Darling by Tara hair accessories with peculiar smelling dark brown and tan elastic double bands. What people did not know about being on the set of ¨The Jeffersons¨ was that she use to scrub the bathtub in between filming sessions, so this proof that little girls did more than just sit around acquiring pretty dresses, as suggested by Barry whoever da fuq and this is why have the the luxury; stolen or anti-afforded to me.

My Wild Wild World of Graphics

Here is a graphic Myam made for you! Based on your names also being Rebecca, Regan and Thenathe with the Greek key; which Vye borrows at leisure and here is Vyeś remind her please.

The Politics of Myam and Home Steading

While Mom will suffice, Myammat is the variant form of the generic Westernizing ie defiling of a logy Legba/ Moreria, which includes rehearsing for parentage through several genomic lifetime experiences or generations actively and concurrently predating the 1930ś before not accepting but being appointed to Motherhood; also known as a gracing or giving back of waters through which the unborn might have been been permanently re-called, named and circuit filed into the book of the modernity engraved...thus Mya makes a unit of a possessive noun, with the Matron cover shield like waters being navigated by MVMT championed by the m^² and T for Maitu who keeps watchmanhood over Binti meaning daughter. Alternate to Moreria or Mom. While Aitan may call Aiti, Morewira; Myamaat sounds much younger ;-)😉 There's no reason to be sad, if the term Mother disappears into extinction except on the Maria Conchita Alonso watch; while Mother's Day will continue to mean what it always has to Daya of Themyscira...so adventurous bound to get hurt.

The Toxicity or Disease of Laughter as a Curable Advantage

The section mightve been a test to see how long and loud you naturally laugh before cutting off believably? ooops too long. And this is exactly why a Navy seal can't be the laughy type becuase there is nothing funny about being the laughing stock or laughing flock; besdides that: you or We Appreciate Power. You must also note bold text speaks to future album renderings; that hopefully my oldest lttle girl will monitor via artist page.
Best Doodle for Language Aptitude This animated doodle was created with 姐姐 Jiějiě or Juju in mind; this is what Sydney or Vi is to you via way of the Chinese, while perhaps some day Mandarin will be what orijwe (derivative form of sibling in masculine present tense, if Yoruba were an active language , as detected by google not simply a religion without room for growth making fundamentalism itself deterministically prolateral) is to you...bearing in mind that this animation is better displayed to spruce up your page; hope you like it!

Exploralearn United

One common question that people ask about is...what types of assignments might one expect to receive? homework becomes more advanced; less intense.
  • There should be some number of hair follicles per square unit measurement and if not; Im suspicious. The first that pops into my mind (science vs aesthetic) is that they got wrong hair cut, hair elasticity still need further breaking, bewitching I sat there with my 🐻 and then my doll at a later time black laggerts sent in to intialize the circle then whatver was most coveted went poof ie toys, hair off my head...the question is not to wheter I am inherently but as to howd da fuq u git dere? perhaps i covet feared getting falsely imprison trapped and upon striking a match the 🏠 frames come down with only vertical ash shuts, slats, flats, flabs or slabs left standing.
  • Do you like this animated signaure or gif made for you?
  • Must know letter headings Ms (single), Mrs (she mightve had a life before that man, borrowing from that r and upon marrying she becomes Mrs), Misses (young woman), Sr (senior), Jr (junior) sir (ambiguous or generic without legacy), I, II, III/ IV, V
  • Describe how the cold feels to you in animal terms for example "Felt like that hawk took a bite outta my left hand today 20.20. 1." Part 2 circle descriptor words ie "that hawk."
  • Check on the quality of snow; it was crushing as it were my (bone), so you fill in the blank and say why you chose that word meaning (I could not skate on the snow platelet nor would it sink me through to bottom making it a nullified platform; mostly for decoration.)
  • Re-enactment of "The Signifying Trickster" and or Orisha study by name, dance, drum beat, etc at some point
  • You must read Brer Rabbit Tales and Uncle Remus
  • Best Doodle for Language Aptitude; otherwise this a href="https://vimeo.com/385626400">animated doodle was created with 姐姐 Jiějiě or Juju in mind; this is what Sydney or Vi is to you via way of the Chinese, while perhaps some day Mandarin will be what orijwe (derivative form of sibling in masculine present tense, if Yoruba were an active language , as detected by google not simply a religion without room for growth making fundamentalism itself deterministically prolateral) is to you...bearing in mind that this animation is better displayed to spruce up your page; hope you like it!
  • It were as if the nuclear arms race had happened; hence an explosion and we had or have yet to collect the remainder of ourselves; because the density of refusing to let go is doing the obstructing as obstructor. We are the obstructee. The subject goes by name of Andromeda meaning they still have baby teeth, head is shaped like an infant and clavicle runs into the shoulder for a combined length of 5 inches (other features include pupils have/ had lapsed, eye size is smaller than what it should be for brain power or amount of time exposed to computer, which means more time spent at computer should be synonymous with larger eyes to take in more light just the same as larger camera lens by carl zeiss can take in more light to possibly produce better quality photographs ie improving vision, septum will not lock in place even after piercing and hands are relatively stubby for wrist size) . What would you assume about the region they are best suited for?
  • Determine what is a functional button, clasp or pearl vs what is mostly for decoration consequently keeping your arms warm is main objective, so leave open with your dress or night gown.
  • Create 1 Venn diagram using the genre: literature with the topic: parks and the universal theme: love
  • Watch the movie "The Panic Room" staring Jodi Foster over and over
  • How long does it take to bring 1 potato to boil, what about 2 potatoes to boil and then what 3 potatoes to boil?
  • You tell me what month; Jessica, Nico and Raamsa ie 2nd quarter might be born in and why? with December 6th being left on reserve; that specific numberic day value judgement. Keeping in mind you must celebrate that birthday on 4 different calendars for example and at that rate its every kids birthday.
  • Assuming 3/4ths (or 1.30) of the earth is water, what should be presumed as the ratio of water to body; what percentage of the body is water; less mass itself be oceania and if that answer matches up, then why aint I floating right now?
  • Create a portrait using a single line, so pen and or pencil must not lift up until finished
  • What is the amount of hugs and kisses you are good for in 1 month? This will be used as a unit of measure to think about and or determine what your allowance is; allowance is what you are a recipient of because you are mine and not what you earn for successfully completed chores.
  • Let's make an attempt to roll back the operating system on a computer or gadget of some sort.
  • Learn your character plot based on an app called Lego Life, which was a system default needing only skin tone and hair changed or augmented. Now if I could just find a headband or a head piece that represents the crest; thatd make me so happy.
  • What is total population check per capita if no longer measured in terms of murder, killing, shootings or rape? per 1,000 for every central district, republic or capital...per 1,000 ethnic group heads or body count...per 1,000 people (I never mentioned children) to cross "state" lines (something to consider)?
  • Note the difference beween a crop and cash crop (whats opposite? field is usually default) if we take cod liver oil (highly exploited perhaps for its likeness of cotton or fatty acid properties) for example 1. Ask what is its chief or primary use? the common cold and associated symptoms like a dogged cough and excess throat plegm that refuses to drain except what secretes from nose (probem unsolved) 2. secondary use? promotion of hair growth 3. what happens if over used in area #2; esepcially by those not on genome track? you stay sick; less effective null and void for intended usages and on top of that you retard the crop period. Please note that starch products such as corn might would be what America knew as cash crop appearing in stores (trade: different types fair market, black market or offshore: overseas ie outsourcing) as food staple; hence non supplemental ie optional ie LUXURY GOOD what da fuq are they able to access it? if not able to farm land
  • What is the difference between a bomb pop and a superman so far as freeze treats are concerned and remind me; we are going to make ours at home!
  • At beginning of school year teacher and or educators use to get a supply buy and a shiny red apple as a blessing or encouragement to help them start the year off strong; with the latter perhaps being given by to be lets say determined, made or nominated as teacher's pet.
  • We use to mark chuch pews, benches or seats by places a big wad of chewing gum or bubblegum underneath the seat, how would you mark yours to remember your family genome in a state of world or planetary cataclysm?
  • Know desk types: front mouth opening, opens at the front in form of a lid, collegiate style with metal book rack, possible same design without metal book rack so holding only a small book or so, and even older desks were mounted, bolted or moldled into hard wood floors making them non opposable.
  • Must know the definition of Plymouth-Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria plus the history in a cartoon story board or short format.
  • Besides asisting a woman by loading a 24 case of pops underneath a shopping cart, at grocer market; how else might a child be abducted out in the open at silent war past? 1/11/2020
  • Back in the day, we use to draw the animation frame by frame in a small notepad and then let the pages rip; lets try it sometime but here is example for now.
  • Investigate the speed of sound and what the formula might be if for example I(DF) meaning intensityx duration equals the force of impact; see physics for toddlers.
  • Check your list for the month and determine your most expensive purchase but this is where some of your American paper based monies went.
  • You will learn or estimate how many layers a cake should have, why and what the celebratory occassion should be indicated examples are sheet cake vs 2 layer cake, as well as, a personal size cake vs wedding cake. This is huge and could possibly be the only major assignment given for the year!
  • Fashion can save your life, as in the case of Stonewall so colored people could not wear white undergarments and if they could not identify your gender and your wearing white; it couldve meant lights out...for example if the police come through and do a sweep..the question then becomes who can vouch for your identity? when borders are gender insecure ie still being discriminated against. Underwear for colored women could not appear; not rise above knee or be visible; otherwise it could be said they were attempting to obstruct the law sexual enticement or solicitation.
  • A transport convoy has been spotted within a 250 mile radius and your parents get the call; assuming that unit of measurement gives 1-3 hours to be gone, how quickly can you and your sister get 1 box packaged up? Keeping in mind; I have a newborn to 6 month old who is your little brother; needed to be attended to.
  • How many grams per whole grain of wheat are there in (I dont know what: you tell me)...so determine answer you might have to interview a farmer
  • What percentage of the earth is water (vs land mass); it used to be approximately 3/4ths or three quarters (we did not deal in percentages at that time on this question) ie what are the new figures.
  • What are some snacks that have been in your family, based on on Las Flores Mommy Likes?
  • If you were sick and If cold air went sour not bitter like they once tried to make bone; then id still be (fill in the blank) trapped and bleeding from my nose, as some helpless child in some placed called United States at that test trial time; of an excuse for an integrated primary school (and yet it still it wouldve been not the institution responsible for wreaking contraband but the uninvited) or still be stuck at the dinner table at Morton Arborethum.
  • Regarding Pullman-Porter; if one is lets just say to remove the construct of social class, a courier ie mail, transport of product good or service, then trade at large and the other is technical in whatever form be it ear hustling, increasing sound or sound waves through a non electric or non electronic means, with the simple old school answer being to use glass or porcelain making the second side of McKennas operating or functionalitiy quotient engineer, If that is true then what happens When you Double Barter and Back at 60 Degrees Worth of Knowing, What Happens to US?
  • If I give you your text editor link, please tell if the log in is active or inactive...either the link takes you direct into the html area or you must re-log in.
  • The Breakdown of Food: Sugar converts into carbohydrate, fatty lipids, then perhaps a protein, so food has a chain of command...this is one example
  • Food Elements, for example what types of sugar exist? glucose may be glucosamine, fructose; closer to being a syrup, corn starch which maybe the elements of this compound havent been broken down to its premium quality, so a subsidiary of the scurried endorphine...and if that is true then why horrible symptoms of withdrawl? it can be be argued...substance is an less than steller stimulanat which used, hoarded or occupied irresponsibly...well test it out and see. So if children receive cake 4 times a year, then fruit becomes the norm...more than likely cause the body to work more frugally to pass through organs like large/small intestine.
  • Investigate and make the case for the number of pass card identification articles or paperwork articles of identity belonging to you that might exist between Aiti and T.
  • Types of weddings, rites and or rituals: Hand fasting ceremony, the royal wedding, shot gun wedding, drive through Vegas wedding and or a general elope you go get married without your/ our parents consent, corronation style wedding, rendenzvous wedding ie quiet middle of the night escape with a working class or whats good in the greasy chicken wings, in some place like Africa as a tradition would woudld the massai bib, as marriage vowed necklace and the 2nd half of that necklaced arrived via mail from local villagers as a rie of passage...that little or young girl has official arrived at equal womanesque, in Hindu culture the equavalent would be the offializing or placement of the septum by the dominant partner on the then, at that time, in the less dominant partnerś nose. On the Asian spectrum what is most remembered is the famous I Love Lucy Japanese shin ding dig dinner intended, as the afterset for Parents who conduct fair market trade at that dinner; meanwhile the mostly black suits chaperone and the geisha come out to dance.
  • Not everything is about the occult so other reasons a video might clip? protect whole family identities, intermission, they might not want you to know a child behind the speaker is being checked on or your asking them for advice, another person fills in but they can or need to lets say voucher for speaker genome autheni-verifying might or might not appear on active film, maybe just have to witness in whatever form be it speaking or standing for so many minutes.
  • What I would tell my children before touching a line of code: rollback copy, dont change program file export names; proof its yours, png is better equipped for social media, not only gifs are animated or animateable; so are png, 1 project weekly-monthly before completion, the new norm for multitasking might be working on 1 computer homework assignment is active while on the computer talking via some program like ICU, for example, the only nick you may use is Lina, Lina2, Lina3 option 2 Thathina, Thathina 2, Thathina 3 (mine will will have 妈妈 in front as system permits, work at a slow pace means aiming for a greater percent of accuracy is inherent, you live at home; there is no wrong answer, since Yamma can back me up or together we find what seems logical, when in doubt; you are a member of a 13 tribe nation, so thereś always tribunal symposition or symposium to address the point of inquiry now making stress a novelty, because this can be hard on the brain leading to deficiency and for that we believe one will be bestowed with larger eyes to draw in more concentrative capacity such as light...work reasonably not laborious take a whole lotta breaks.
  • This is what the 8bit computer interface looked like, make your own and tell me, which twin I am?
  • Must know types of fur coats how shearling behaves and why breathing is the only option.<.li>
  • Types of leather such as cowhide, sheepskin and styles suede etc and why hard leather is not ok implying that the animal skin has died.
  • See Jessica demonstrate what density is at that long height yet skinny, so Imma trip her with one foot and gift her with a payday bar and ask her to please resume her seat on the back platform behind me...then note cameras didnt always clip quite so much...multiple angles must be captured regardless ie either way. When I trip her...the cameras will probably have to be held steady filming from 5-8 different directions. Consequently men use to hold cameras on sticks, on stationary cart wheels, they use to roll cameras over head so if the cameras get too hot too long especially when children are so small...they use to be unfavorable results of melting obviously...among other things replaced by reflector lights in movie theaters, spot lights or in low light settings...so think of hot lights as the same way of taking a new born baby out in weather not condusive/conducive to his species; otherwise there wouldnt be varied or various clothing options (we wouldnt have designed them!) people wore animal skin.
  • At some point she should sit in on The Birth Control Study learning about different types per decade, pill color, original patent design and types of dispensers.
  • Ask me about natural levee or embankment where children use to sit (felt someting like 3-4 inch wood shreds so if it gets wet enough it disintegrates and crumbles..conceeds to the rising ocean waters...if no one can retrace history...youŕe trapped...being replaced by man made ones barracaded by items like orange and white construction but embankment tested as a design underneath The Chicago Police Department through a blue horse with white writing on it ie Chicago Huron Erie River Lake Michigan.
  • Trace a pathway staring with a water drop, puddle, pond, river, stream, lake, ocean and sea (noting curvature or not); as done at 211...Erie, Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, as compared to my recollection: Chicago River Huron Erie River Lake Michigan..
  • You want children to be excited to learn not work down by it but she must know types of terrestrial zones ie great plains, low lying flat lands, grassy plateau, river grassland, or biome (would seem to imply overally environment but google is obscure with the most prominent define demanding to know what watering space lies within each zone be it tundra or forest.
  • Make 10-20 MP3 to be used and uploaded someplace online like zedge (where Tokyo Drift was uploaded), as downloadable ringtones available for use; whether free market or otheriwse.
  • Your trapped in America and the only tool or means you have of breaking free is a custom astrological system thats been fixed or with the major updates to a system (broken by MB), fabric; what would you do? I would make sure 2 generic design skirts are seen heading out of country and hold remaining fabric in the new county for other immmediate family members in same household because, because people will say...we want to see the whole family design in full..increases your likelihood of getting out, as scheduled time but I would wait several months before the re-launch of a full genome in photograph or video format.
  • What 2 pets (1 for the living room and 1 for the bedroom) would you have and why? Ball or albino python and bearded dragonx 2
  • Which bus would you be and why? The Snake, Chameleon, Chameleon 2, Giraffe or the Albatross?
  • As you can see in the movie...The Dark Stranger.... McKenna...the planet, the universe began as a role playing game for creationaist children; until some jump off demographic showe up talking shit, stealing/ assuming roles ie identities in real time real life trading and implating themselves in custom made custom cut community rowing houses; frequently made/ forced to live under the same room ie the same room ie the same bed. What would you have done and why? Watch first 3 minutes of the flim and populate a short answer or response to what you see.
  • Improper changing too frequently by wrong person, wrong sequence, wrong interval; you get major contamination if isolated too long, changed too infrequently you get a population immune resistant that cannot fight off its own strain being further suppressed by the entity or their loved one unknowingly trapped on other side...with respect to sex, for example. Now apply principle to food, water, electricity etc.
  • Whatś the difference between a witch and a warlock?
  • The language, taxonomy or quadron of shapeshas to be finshed, get a sneak peak by clicking on the highlighted link.
  • Remind us to re-evaluate numberology numbers 1-10 would be ideal!
  • Ask someone where are you from? Where do you live? Where are you right now?
  • What is the difference between Anada underground and Ground Under Ananda, here is the image you need.
  • Usually when the screen goes sideways its eithier an ellicit discover or planetary descent but look at this shit right here...my first thought was that this rotation was either an obtuse or perpendiclar 90 degree roation but under further evaluation...it were as if...this accidental, incidental rotation recognizes chromebook screen as able to plot or detect coordinates making the computer behave like a google map interface and here is our proof
  • Remind everyone that the metric system needs an overhaul.
  • Estimate how much is a yard of fabric then? width and length or?
  • The standard for a room perhaps the largest room in the house typically mightve been the living room (at end stage resistance) was something like 1,028 ft?
  • What is perimeter, area; then you can extract the square feet or square footage?
  • Measure your feet on your forearm
  • If a yardstick is 48 inches (google says meterstick is 36 inches?), then why arent feet reaching or touching the ground?*Stargeant
  • If there are 12 inches in a foot, then whats the fuck a yardstick? At what point do you stop measuring in inches? in feet? (not as in what you walk on) acres?
  • If mountains are measured in kilometers, then what should determine the unit of measurement in a foot?
  • How many pounds of meat would it take to feed a family of 4?
  • A popular song that features my Gaelic name/ Gaelic life.
  • What is a characteristic or trait (People describe me as) , what is a value (I appreciate the same as the matriarchy) and what is a quality (a state of being possessed by a science fiction book character; making my name to you!: Aiti, Yama, 1. Myamaat or 2. Myam, Cheyenne or Shy
  • On the coat of arms, would you consider the helmet equal or equivalent to the crown? Explain why or why not
  • On the coat of arms, the (family name) banner has historically been placed on the bottom, instead of 3 attributes; why might this change be?
  • On the coat of arms, what is the heraldry (writing, announcement or news), the mantling and the crest? lets presume these are the most crucial parts
  • Morse code was first conceptualized behind the Navy's electric telegraph, now construct yours using 3-5 syllables
  • The Hampton-Chin font is located here; eventually there will be a Cox-Chin font available.
  • If me and ¨That woman ie Nameless¨ are 1 half of the same DNA or genetic splice, then her sister must be 2 halves of 1 body of informational infrastructure paired by an isoated or single floater and a two charge backs; then have many fates where there? History tells us 3 but make the case for it or a select a different number...keeping in mind at least one of them began as a child or baby.
  • Is the earth round or flat? (McKenna has to make the case for both, then give an final, definite answer) but this is me...If earthś peak, tapering point is at letś say 30-*60 miles, so a clock vs with a globe yea the spectrum probably wides up to a maximum rate of 60 miles, (making uhm 120 mile antenna seem unrealistic) then you wouldve sailed right off the map, without any consciousness of existence at all let alone a prior one and/or you wouldnt have know a concept of falling off curvature because you would have sailed back around, as in ¨what trouble¨ on the earth then that same actively awakened consciousness wouldve remained unaware of its pre-admoning state; forever trapped; still sailing spiral bound ie equatorial parallelism bound or circle of latitude bounding not re-bounding...must then define longtitude.
  • This is what the Win Zip site looks like in Chinese yet it defaults to Japanese and what it looks like in here Swedish also known as Norsk
  • Ask about The Damiana Files
  • Find this app (Stixy) and plug your face in there to create a gif
  • I may borrow the Greek key from my sister to form an alternate name spelling TheNathƩ; just for being assistee to Mom: Myamaat
  • This is how you place a file such as a tff or font base script into Win Zip; (2nd set, #4) now define screenshot.
  • Which container half or part does a $3 slide of pizza lay and why?
  • Remember what the chatroom looked like on this day 12.16.19 at approximately 22:00 hours, which was how chat rooms began without a need for human intervention-moderation; prevention based assumption was enough. Notice the dark plum text thatś auto-hightlighted.
  • Which imported phones has Aiti had and which will T have? Sharp Bank Aquos Hybrid 007, Sharp 7218u, Lenovo A588 and the Jphone
  • What mobile carrier did Aiti have toward the end of her stay in America? The answer awaits you on the neocities server and tell give me a question that you might´ve been asked.
  • Show us an example of a ¨bust down¨
  • Show us an example of a ¨jump off¨
  • Come around with T and myself to learn about Student Government in an Ivy League or formal setting where a genome and represenational body sequencing is a requirement.
  • Visit the musem at least 3 times a year and tell what was the highlight of your day!
  • Define year? the academic school year or season, as it pertains to the Cross Quarter Celebration? Should a visit occur during the summer?; Any time you hear the word year; your ears should turn up like a rader signal
  • Define protron, neutron and electron
  • Conduct the raisin experiment and let us know how long it takes before it becomes a plum
  • What is a fruit, what is a vegetable?
  • What is a starch? Worry not about the Food and Drug Adminstration standards of daily intake; base it on how much your container can hold per unit measure or per food group.
  • Why can´t a whale logically swallow a tic tack?
  • Ask someone for the time; randomly...an honest person will say something well...¨my watch says¨...they dońt say ¨the time is¨.
  • If anyone ever asks you for the date or your birthday you would normally say talk to Aiti or Mom because that is a trick question otherwise example well the date is 1987, the date is the 11th, the date is its January....my birthday was in ´87, well is that 1887 or 1987, well my birthday was in 1987, well what about the day of the week? what about the numeric value of/for that week day?
  • Your hotspot connection name is Cox and this is your password , since Imma use not wif but my data plan instead ;) and these are some tasks done to keep my brain in the mood for a conditioned resonse even at a challening density.
  • Our chat name Lina was drawn out on digital signature before visiting luna pic, merge sample was stumbled on and this image was generatered, Now your turn PS Iḿ uying you and your sister Vi a new ipad of your own for schoolwork.
  • 1. Aiti was tazzmarized¨ by Lego as a real world application, so sheś using this (ie mason or freemason) brick laying model to teach character design to her children Vi and McKenna.
    2. She was giddy or drunk over what Lego had achieved through a mason ie freemason or brick laying design, now compacted into digital form.
    3. Yama placed the Pamela Jean Cox-Chin lego design of Vi onto the wepbage of McKenna.
  • Animate your portrait sketch, using any method as long as you have an adult there to see how you execute it.
  • Design the common area of a room, which I normally associate with being kitchen-living room connected.
  • This is the filter you need to place your video into a haunted tv; noticed that the Pac Man blue ghost is profiled.
  • Join the beta, as in web develoopment popped up on the phone so we joined.
  • This is the Android Open Source Project, so lets see what we can both learn!
  • When do you see rainbow colored candles in the church? ie this was on Kedzie...perhaps only at the beginning of Woodstock when the children are all resting after their arrival at at a new 13 nation territory or "13 colony law abiding monarchy."
  • Where in the world would they let a 16-17 year make any credit based decision alone? since when they solicit in a round table discussion format with the military enlistment there? without someone's and someone pretty big's identity having already been under exploitation? they gone open a second tier of exploitation up? No of course not Since when does they go from a book voucher to, a house account, to a university credit card without guardian over sight? Since when does they give extra assignements out (to buffer losses or pretentiously bolser grades to no avail without a genome on record; do you think White folks wouldve let them/ their transnational sevles be insecured/ unsecured) 2-3 weeks maybe even a month or two prior to final exam that's not U. How did a society go from isolationist Iowa testing including being in something like a sound proof room to an open any ole but fuck 200-300 seat lecture hall? how? Another thing we went from babies being escorted from for example classroom to classroom now it was just random and nebulous in a pilot or simulated world part. You get a situation where reminder children are now among the anti-ranks of a fabricated race, since they would've been seeking more stake to a pre-claim (consequently the nick name was cute and accurate to due the parents love of applesauce).
  • The real Yama went to University of Illinois; ask her if she appreciates the faculty-staff lunchroom incident that happened with Sharon Fetzer, while having a sandwich and chips?
  • Myammat went to University of Illinois; ask her if she can vouch for there being a quarter system in place prior to semester.
  • Aiti went to University of Illinois; ask her how many award letter offers did she receive for the year? 3-1 white, 1 blue and 1 gold
  • Define terms in slavery ie chattel slavery ie people were regarded as property, then this couldve been you also confusedly mistaken for the human plowing of the land (later model), usually fueled by a single person with an Amish oriented apparatus hung from around the neck, while pulling the mechanizing contraption. This can not be the case where a person ie people are 3/5th's a person ok....chattel property may emanate from the Amish epoch; however referring to the slave holder's furniture as full possession, so property could never have been regarded as 3/5th's a value be it surving, enduring or lasting...frequently manufacturer says "lifetime warranty on furniture" which consequently makes these 2 things dangerous 1. playing with the illuminati and 2. playing with the illumninati (these are the types of case studies that might be presented to a sorority intitiate or pledge ie someone seeking new membership. Whatever your parent is; is the sorority you must aim or shoot for; unless some serious aptitude can be demonstrated.)
  • This is all you will ever need to know about foreign body object consumption example 1
  • What is a quotient, what is a product and what is a factor; recheck the order later
  • Based on the Jennifer Lovings #20272-047 profile, what care package might you send the inmate? be it Aiti, hermosa>Chinese 赫莫萨 or preferred method English United Kingdom>Chinese 妹妹 otherwise (disclaimer or "cautionary stalemate") you would have to specify what sister on the hierarchicial timeline youngest or oldest for example but I am not your sister nor can I pass for it as in the case of Jessica, Raamsa and Nico; so dont get twisted now;) Stalemate/Stalewart/k> should also apply to chess position and military as in being in trouble, as well as, forward launch or staunch; no not AWOL.
  • Learn how to play Kingdom at War
  • Here is aRihanna image you have to know and here is its ROTC mate you must remind Vi of, consequently at 1111 S. Laflin, Chicago
  • The Black Pather Party is a Mom narrative I can't afford to miss
  • This Pumpkin 2was made using a paper that explains the tribal name for Vye> proceed by selecting a shape, use the lego block filter and the zoom animation feature. Now your task is to create yours and let's swap.
  • This is what IMVU says Mom or Myamaat looks like Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3, so based on these prototypes; what might you look like?
  • Where did the camera come from during the Filming of "The 10 Commandments" by Cecile B. Demille? Anno Domini ie in the year of our Lord and or >BC ie Before Christ reference Bithia 2
  • Define mehndi, gulal, holi powder, rangoli, festival powder, dwavali or diwali, jugunta and jagua (ja gu a or jagu qa) and their uses or functions, you can include the ones listed here. Consequently pink and blue kits are used for gender reveal maybe equivalent to a bridal shower nowadasys, policeman run the 4k and needed a signal differentiating placements and also upon exploding in the backpack luggage area of an airplane, spreads or advances the collective new year message in the form of mostly miniature people exiting their flight.
  • Alligators usually sleep with at least one eye open, so that their hearing may more solemnly (fill in the blank) perceive (my choice).
  • At what point does water boil? How do you know? Where/what’s the temperature gauge being used? Ie meat or a measuring device? Is it metered meaning does it gauge or measure in lets say 15 minute intervals for an average or is it continuously running at a fixed rate; no average What point does it stabilize? What degree does it baseline meaning- stops getting any hotter? Reaching a maximum rate of entropy.
  • Watch for the animated clouds within the android widget; ask around to see if this is normal.
  • Before the messagemate lived the screenmate, so I've heard.
  • This is my first lesson in interior design and from this I'll draft a room plan.
  • This is an effect known as titration; when paper reaches some acidic level after touching off with marker.
  • This is a background Myamaat made for my sister Vye; now I can make my own for her, in return.
  • Create an html bullet list and its corresponding inline (some theme): using the black circle, the black outline/ white circle and black square.
  • Name 3 times item that arrive in "The Thanksgiving Cornocopia?" usually itmes like wheat, grain and maise or corn alternate: squash, baby gourd and eggplant or cucumber; goods or produce (?) such as apples, grapes and bananas are a snack or modest luxury.
  • What comes before eating? sowing, reaping and harvesting meaning you enjoy the fruits of your labor...now eating is a kin to what? harvesting ironically harvest sounlis like inward blessing or stocking piling food for one season, when season over and the lands wake up, no rushing out to buy; since your pantry is stocked or came pre-stocked. At some point, the origination might play in reverse with a havesting or planting, repeaping-living off what was done the previous season; whichh sustains you through to the start up and/or replanting the cycle of survival in kind.
  • What is width? What is height? What is length? units of proportional measurement or partioned out. Which takes precedence, a preceeding, proceeding ie followship or initial even prior cursor or precursor to something else when you eat, preside over, presidents also indicating purchasing power, presidents meaning heads of state to what, which, where how how collective? The language guidelines or anti rules are so convoluted, discombobulated stupid that they blind.
  • As a seagull at aeriel view, describe what you would expect to see.
  • Listen to and watch the first 43 seconds of Our Hair-itage- A Natural Hair Documentary (PBS Version)
  • We are now Lina 1,2,3 so you should only log into the computer lab that way; Capeesh?!
  • How many "sets" of apps are on our Chromebook?
  • Play Bubble Witch 3 until you're good and bored; click the link to preview!
  • Name 1 teenage nuissance behavior; you'll remain free from once you turn 15-done
  • Beauty product research, which may include what a store may have on a dime, spur or in a pinch
  • Stage a sit in using a prop such as countertop, a historical personiage such as ¨The Amish" and or an icy beverage
  • Geographing by Dna; my hair is limp, my eyes are almond shaped and have been described by medical professionals as knock kneed- What world region am I?
  • Knot tieing: A maritine activity among others.
  • Fashion on the Fly: You receive paper money 1x20 and have to find a verde shirt at a¨Flea Market¨ type locality and no one is to assist you
  • Jewelry check: Before you may eat or have a snack; itś your job to make sure your sisterś ear cuff is accounted for
  • Storage, stacking ad shelving OH MY!? You must organize primarily for the arrival of your hermoso Love Life
  • Define freemason/ freemasonry as a structural engineering task; in terms other than brick laying using these vocabulary words: slab, plank, groove
  • Researching The Summer of Breaking Through, which includes going over the webpage that Mom made for me and creating a new-integrative character plot
  • Make me remember at least 5 times you saw me at an amusement park
  • You might ask what I've bought for you? considering we are expatriotbound! Sneakers, Boots, Uniform, Coat, Sequin Hoodie, Diving Suit, Garanimals and yet Beauty products
  • Determine when color, style or fashion vs function will rule out when it comes to making a selection, in the case of buying or purchasing shoes for example
  • Body posture: Which way should the body be reporting from when on the hip for example?
  • Testing for an ACUMENsociety through an IQ (logic) or LINA: based learning sytem (LBLS), now skadaddle!
  • The study of trees ie coniferous, deciduous; hence paper most familiar to your family is Washi
  • Must know 1 color by hex code, which may end up being the standard for the first 5 photographs you take.
  • Must know candle types such as votive (various sizes in ouces or oz.) or taper, also referred to as a dinner candle.
  • Must know measurements 12inches in a feet; then what's a yardstick?
  • Observe for some period of time; which direction the sun sets and belive that the planet is an organic, humananing time mechanism.
  • Work with the compass and protractor; see me later on.
  • Spelling and word definitions
  • Note the differences between a map and or a globe and an atlas
  • Accupressure because some beings have a pulse in their clavical for example
  • Must know types of chocolate ie sea salt and import/international, as well as, what's a bon bon? and if the candy seems like it is for women ie a bedroom candy; let's make a toast or not. Where does German chocolate fit in, also called Moser Roth? Which can you expect and why? A bar, a square or an All Hallow's Eve mini?
  • Riddle Squares

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