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Working or Active Identities

The theory goes that...there have to be select representatives like this Jamel/Jamal character who temporarily fill in; despite having understood...this person is not going to work out...they fill in as fairly prominent names...and don't work out does the earth make up/ take up for the currency invested in the form of flight to and from venues, province, leakage of files, etc? We still have to not only end up leaving but low grade hijacking (international purchase trading, consistently information signal scramble-combing neighborhoods with surely some enemies still concurrently plugged into dugaways or hideout zones and spaces etc etc etc) our way out of not only a United States but America; no consolation prize necessary with the punchline being that the cultural yielding or concede-lending, for any length of time produced little to no benefit to the genome of us, hence there is no bonus, no penance, no so we end up at baseline levels of recreating partition back into who we’ve always been; no glory, no celebration, no hero, no protagonist, no antagonist; thus no nobility, no reward in this act of irreconcilable suffering. This is the case so much so that paper expendible purchasing power (just listen to how that sounds ie anomaly, which is in terminally, intermittant spurts: finite) acute-masquerading as viable statehood seeming, appearing useless, since you cannot eat money (best and simply put).

Artist, Label and Design Options

These are options that we may come back in as or pick up from, while reporting from a verifiable part of the world hopefully somwheres in Europe

1. Tokimonsta
2. Jessie Massachusetts Wareham>Jessie Ware
3. Muzzy Bear
4. Dani and Dana
6. Usotho
7. The Pat-Kenny Show
8. Gimme the Ball LLC Psychic Twins dot com
9. Red Carpet Girls
10. Panic Room has to be re-called cause all the bullshit that happened there
11. Cameron Russell? as public intellectual or public speaker but looks have to update; starts looking a bit like rod her Rick; whatever exactly that means!
12. Thug Passion, Thug Passion (Fruit)
13. If decent results GIA model if not, then no
14. Later
15. Rockabilly Horror
16. *Severine Cullins- Suzuki
17. Tangie Sentinniel
17. Thug City, Thug Passion, Thug Passionfruit
18. *Bjork

CD Name Possibilities

In simple quotation marks

-"Standing Still, While Terminally Spinning" refers to what can happen to an advanced sciene brain when verb-ing or committing some verb action without a reference point, then list a bunch of verbs on that small sheet. I'm guessing the fabricated race was doing something to provoke a fowl (bird; not convinced anyones last name is byrd) or foul memory, such as distorting artwork that came on album covers and cd covers, while it started cute with a mustache being got crazier from there.

-So far as race is concerned, when my young identity is Bjork...Its not that Chinese, Spanish and Afrikaans werent there as expression carrier but the metastasis or metabolic phase change hadnt released from its cocoon inhibited spaces; meaning under adversity: it ¨Reassembled Distress.¨

-"Children: Switched into Oblivion" was the game being played hoping youd forget what youve always know so that they may claim all copyrights on an existence they couldnt make the case for; all based on mimicking a sound byte and laying on its nerve ie unreal.
-"Typecast by the Planet" *current going rate...hanging on to some odd percentage of opportunity in a fraction of a negative .001 that some brown child laid up abused etc etc etc and that couldve been rescued by pale woman; just isnt the case however the fact of a practice or test run on adoption, since everyone had to be farmed out in pursuit of tenure track stilll might in some realm remain the most nostalgia excuse for nostalgia to keep being on that final closing curtain a species holding up current evolutionary going rate, in form of we'll keep hanging on until that option is no more ie Americas closing cause Im leaving!...lending to possible names such as Typecast by the Planet eliminating any man tinkering that they wouldve tried to exstract and or for default setting...what about the reverse? doest current make for such an interesting sound byte...perhas at a later world part;)

Videos My Girls May Watch

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