Welcome Back, Jean Crane!

Quotes by Church of Ananda

We were once literally a liquid plasma state, manifested in form of armor pouring through television set observed reflected through retina eye back (no longer upside down; righted) giving light reception/ perception interpretive sound, and wavelength reading and translation...at which point planet came to know our confirmed entertainment typologies at a continued or ongoing rate of variance subtlies pre-docketed; hence real life narrative.

High school educator would say galaxy, for example, has experienced the averted gaze with feet planted at the root or base of the inexplicable...in terms of molecular biology impersonating chemistry; thus you get a star explosion as zygote or split cytoplasm done in laboratory experiment ( under microscope at perhaps some library downtown) that does not disintegrate but does ricochet or snap back (while genome was troubleshooting silly things like race, class and gender due to planetary descent) throughout power source bank being indelibly permeate like 5 senses and to not question is to have always been.

If a body hasnt been pushed to limit or most outmost room length extremity, then who will it know in any form be it masculine or feminimine male or female itself, then how would it or should it know conscientiously to stop or keep going? otherwise it could mean organ rupture; technically. Now everytime for example you rape that girl (incompatible with genome) a leak is caused somewhere on planet. They cant fix it or pay for nothing. America is closing.

All over trying to invade these individual pockets or niches for community be it substances ie high end drug, providence or province as bestowed by government in cuba...for one its assured way to keep track of numbers and make invasion is not either pre-emininent, encroaching or active. You get someone taking more than a certain number per household, then what? Someones body has been compromised, someone has been snuck in unlawfully, shit happens uhmm portion given didnt equal up to rationality….heres the the damn thing about that thing...how many other people have same problem? Determines if trip to store is reasonable, logical, rational. Now the grace is resources will become freed up? Population shrinks due to what? A new species on way no longer requires them, more children on the way so they need much product smaller quantities spread out among less demanding targe known as children, Laggets getting dead...all that to say basic math has to balance.

How the scholar knows it and How the theologian knows it need not be same as what and or how day to day interaction knows it; otherwise we wouldve never made it. They use to say when one child is screaming; the hope was that other one is quiet so parent knows what to to do..old saying in black church if everyone jumps up at the same then truth is suicide..in our case...one child cries, other child catches on now cries..Moreira catches the resiliecy of vibration and worse case scenario is hmpf and shakti is activated...the stream of concious moves 123 both look at her to check if she is ok and shes ok then there ok...final precipitating off ie tapering off top of head...dispelled into air Now you see why galazy copy writers must remain...in ideal world...first generation or guardian must be first to break your heart, first to rape you, first to give you first chocolte, first champagn, for airplane ride...is this is the reason why...fear that child might not know the different in case for planetary descent...Lagger feels entitled to do same thing in crude way not in name of legal cosmic experimenting; let alone good sportsman of a genome...attempt by way of a hairline fracture of trauma create an traveling estate to hell- unescapable,..parents know whats coming so they have to trick these kids into being escape artists for consciousness; fending off their own rape so they can keep this planet turning long enough to connect up with their child, sister, spouse and mother offspring ie one strategy is to break up sex for example resorting to proceedure much in same way of dr office visit meaning the same wattage that fuels empty movement shall take you off face of earth.

Let us pray, we design for science of implementation moreso than design for religion of sheer worth , value and or needing to protect terms like the illuminati, as well as, respective monikers such as porch monkey, signifying, Uncle Tom/ Uncle Remus on a personal note this is what happened...Thelma sits me on front porch with that disguist pouring out from whatever body part that is...my fluffy full hair is about my head, in afro (now logically Laggert hair is dead so you cant imagine what that smells like not to mention its flat) but people (white, hispanic and black) pull around to 211 at night and look in whats going on with project...it gets outta hand when the blacks show up...making terminology an active agent such as porch monkey. Now what they did is allowed Rod her Rick aka Tracey Griffin aka Brandi to shape up some lighter shade and scream and cry "mixed" to take over originating child's slot. So Ive just done term porch monkey, in cultural context and I dont need to ask a parent...when this assignment comes back up to and or for formal study, students will require a parental interview and name.

We use to get a little off white lunch ticket and if you lost your lunch ticket; you didnt eat sometimes that line was long as school and a friend, my friend would turn around and talk to me to trick the stream of time out of my memory front to cheat hunger itsef teaching joint operators of staff that its possible to check on the brain span of your consciousness body and hopefully, we no longer have to do to that to children out of biological belonging ie to prove that it is so.

Whose flatulence do you smell most like, whose can you tolerate and whose have you become accustomed to? a study done as children prepping you for the real possiblity of being abducted by something sucking the life blood off from you still at night, change locations as if it could forever pretend there was no war.

Antoinette services Rod her Rick with a friend, he pretends it feels so good, then why are you still bothering me? As a general tell tale sign, then they have no loyalty….take sex from both them girls, come back around bothering me for whatever good but then mock organizaton structure inherent..the question is not how do I feel about baby q having sex with all these women...enteprise over all narratives, so therefor...it was never suppose to go like this-outweighed by declaration statement....less quole value system be a flunkie to nature and or immediate environment itself...eventually the kinka or ginka buds would have worked themselves out down the line of able bodied experience/s to verify sex as a politic of kinship but they swore the system needed or required their services. It did not drawing relevance to themselves in obscene ways outright.

And becomes sometimes the eye bastes down from what it has already become accustomed to upon starting tpo long into a self without its existential defined as preeminent prevailing independent of anything other than consequently still choosing to remain members of its originating platoon of ideas or ideologies lending to a reflection in your booya! Making privacy the scarcity and existing the crime-no wya!!`

If one twin had a deal with the devil; than other one had obviously to have a deal with its advensary since the call for casting call for heaven wasnt on the table..as odd as that sounds. And not knowing might couldve made the difference in timing and or complicated surrendering to notion of purgatory as some sort of unpureed, unrefiend (pronounciation and spelling dont match up) agency, as in condition or state being occupied not other way around....in other words creating a hoodship were you continually sit next to the problem without every knowing it is indead a problem, and in fact, there is a a solution...attempting to make science the victim and religion its mercenary.

Someone says I heard it. You heard it where as in disembodied voice Dr Wink would say..well sounds like that might could mean either theres no consensus, no one to vounch for group consensus or not everyone agrees yet not every present or account for speaks out so he speaks on their behalf...so im also hearing grarveyard...so if one can hear disembodied voices, then where is the head or chief operator? Speaking, sleep or simply unaccounted for? Equivalent to chiefly speaking as in primarily, scantilly or almost predominantly?

Eartha has to lose some look by scaling downner, then re-factory condition prosperity for the Promise of a Returning Neptune (like what better time to teach a child about good touch and bad touch than in the middle of an active war i being facetious but…) the fair skin child on level 1 was contacted into the situation so promised uniques kid (guinea pig in pro rated exchange for her mother having to be tricked over nothing because they are a fabricated race) as some phenotypic output on a Genotypic presence, so far as any dna scrub list is concerned...so she then, more than likely borrows from the framework of George Forman to do it becomes ..if your not careful you can get these Laggers to convince whoever wherere they feel not even a strike...density temporarily life supported by materials like plastic but that that feeling of nothing can be compensated or offset by an astral realm body function other than any of these women really did cushion meaning d break the fall as not to implicate myself in any falsity such as playing wtith the spirit..impossibe to confuse a this with a that...asif lying could ever be a density? But Lipton whooped me and it hurt like hell dats true...but THey had to New modality or demo for surviving the alpha shore in most importantly the as carrier parents under legal cosmic law.

Describe Woodstock in terms of your socialized knowing ie what you know to be socially coherent with biological systems of organizing..Woodstock is equivalent to festival, Woodstock is equivalent to laboratory research, Woodstock is equivalent to faith or a religious system. If you have other option feel free to throw it out there.

Describe Woodstock in terminology of age, gender identity and or nationality applicable to cultural context; with the latter option most preferably for men.

In case of Cordi Marian abused property women come through wearing light yellow suits such as Sister Ibarr and or Vanderbear; knitting after foul play and people are turned from the property because of bad memory...lost owner membership...they work double hard now to either redeem name and or to make legacy rehabitable after Laggert disgrace ie fabricated reconsecration of property as to not carry spirit trail elsewhere...something like that.

Pehaps one can hoard so or give so profusely like pails of sweat, until phermones secrete chemical substrate for or to be recognized by period table of elements..it is quite possibe; once again making the backside bedmanner attempted as a raping of skin color a wet up ass race cum slut; still a misnomer.

I have no concept for (not of who she is but what she is as if taxonomy had a numeric value system) an offspring growing at parallel rate being able to pass me up which technically make the 3rd set not as in number that but total; second set achieved as an only child with a dubbable lifespan coming up right behind named Abner ie childhood twin and by the time I make any connection Ricki is perhaps a preteen but more than likely male.

You can sometimes estimate height by region When that gust of physical matter begins to gather at or from unkept seam being withheld until now as its curiosity test phase

How independent is independent thought really when eye lash batting; whats fueling the damn thing named "The Henrietta Effect" ; whereby thinking of a paricular motion....will cut on brain processes will for requesting for that originating thought from some locality being filter streamed, then it comes into being as past thought so fast experience is passed....up otherwise density perception challenged...trying to silence the slowly dying beast of independent thought enroute out of America...ie metaphoric value of death input.... Signed Perky Glitter Love or Gold Glitter Lashes

There is no lessoning the sentence on a trip wire placed in the heahrt, a falsifed motorcycle accident under the name Reekka nor the posioning of eye drops cheating the threshold for pain ; while stil alive...much less anything else.

People have to create new identities to bypass the logical operators of self knowing ie recognizing in order to “relate” to who d a fuq theyve always been.

So far as masculinities are concerned, far less fragile when in the hands of educational enterprise lending to the notion that chivalry doesnt mean unlearned, as in inept norhe name experience confuse frolic (whether S/M or not) for crude, unrelative fun; especially without a prescription for yes.

Playing with a very very subjective God at this point known as fellowship earning with a statement you itemize and scrutinize under the fine microscope of what it takes to be a citizen of a locality that really does sleep and not because it can but because it can afford to meaning it can verify the logistics of a secured panopticon practice and state, where districts arent just delineated by the arbitrary battle for territory in the form of a bad serving eatery in by whatever name flung into a corner niche like pocket or vaginal indecency passing as high achievement marks in disciplines only imagined; until now but because they work.

So far as gender; what we also know to be true is that there was so much questionability as to what or why the numbers didnt add up. Why for example, the numbers of men to women were so disproportionate or straight up whack; making clearly a mans state at large but then women werent “relating” or sexing along the same social dictates to reflect the learning stages that had already swept the community by landslide...so you get gay women watching male ie man on man porn at a comparable rate as gay men themselves and then uhm..women would get upset when a man says “men do it better” but uhhh Flemming the floor is yours now…

Here are the things we must assume about all of these debate about entry and access so far as coitus or copulation (vs fucking or romancing) is concerned...there was the switching out body parts such as anus for birth canal quite possibly, target area...wherever that may be is not at optimal useability level or maybe only a minority of the population actually does it that way; since numbers not lessen but become themselves...last option...call me crazy but terminology was the deal breaker and it was never sex; with an apparatus period. No one asked if coming or going…

At university, when engaging in after hours breaking an entry; for example, if they get your mask off then youve surrendered and next generation can have fun kicking around largely unsupervised theories about what happens next.

Bilal aka De Simone had wager put on me, T and Anne Marie because the latter I see the life, culture and people who mightve been overlooked; thank goodness for sourdough bread! Food’s the cure.

The freckles gene trait was suppose to go to Anne Marie, they decide to give them to Cat and then Senta Persad aka Kadi John from next door ie the right to generate a minority report for the Hindu freckled woman voluntarily nominated and sponsored by Austrolopithecus.

Melanie had managed to pass me up, in terms of adulthood and functionality by jumped out of the car seriously handling business with all the trouble at high school (after a boxing match) appearing neverending; while Im sick and thats what she looked like as a consequent not a result...making genderosity a single discipline study meaning a woman should not have to surrender or succumb nor be suckered in by or into her own looks to prove she can deliver with agency.

They wouldve swore we just come or escaped through the pores of the ether, buildings appeared and we simply claimed them did nothing; as environment support personnel.

Another reason why there had to be an estate of the people is because display (kiosk, salespaper for example) and or inventory tells or suggests to families what is needed and or required and not because people are too ignorant to think for themselves but because they are juggling a lot of responsibility and or for a genome.

What pisses me off most is that Laggert has tampered with electricity, as in attempts to disconnect the forcefield or circuitry of memory; then only attempting to replace it with something hmmm uhmm lets shall we say of lower quality but not before make sure to blame the box for its short fuse.

You can create a state where you start to remember people and places just not circumstances or conditions that are cuing you up.

The term May; as in the month, 2nd quarter, transition from season Winter, descent of May speaking to historical time periods such as Haymart and Bloody Sunday massacre referring to worker rights not a stand in or ole trusty standby waiting to ignite a race war.

People’s looks have to not necessary come up to speed but be and remain on par with the genomes current going rate and now that that current rate is becoming some odd percentage aquatic; that leaves a lot to the ordinary imagination.

The famous doll study no longer has applicability, so far as a measurement of racial bias nor an indicator of social class but wouldve been one of significant value to feminist studies but we find ourselves at a crossroad or verve of debate on whether those topics should be replaced by subject values such as astrology or astronomy (point of inquiry).

The volcano experiment shall be used for quite some time as the ultimate mneumonic

And at some point, nearly every gesture shall be or become annoying in the sense that.. Everything either yearning to be forgotten as in disremembered or made free again; may consider re-entering the learning field of study for its own new mermaid species for skin.

Will of majority must and shall outweigh oddly displaced few (less thought, speak and action a bastardization in, of and or for knowing; impossible).

Everything aint to muthfucking child or kid that you see...sand so it....you not gone fuck with, fuck over or fuck for.

In crooklyn, the concern mightve been your gonna take out Maria and then Maria Jean, as odd as apparency is well duh! one of em is Lucy, youll never be able to convinced the world at naked eye large that that is in fact possible kicking planet into gear of a panic over getting (nevermind biome can sustain error or hit for diference but...) the right children back and right body parts back in or to their original batting cages.

It couldve never been possible to dodge the draft; so attempt to create a permanent likelihood of prolonged debt in the form of IOUs never repaid; shal we continue to exploit insolvency ie unusefulness or anti-utilitarianism itself? I think not on the backs of able bodies ideas? Hmm..

Djenne says show me how your going to move your body for me one day if you have to become a 300lb man, so you have to be doped up when the day comes to get into character for fear of defiling a body that you recognize as belonging to you not that kinda doping up as in psyched out or squinting through though the defiling (not as to bear it because I hate you so or you just straight up dont belong here ie fabricated race otherwise) so dummied up as to not hear it, never know it as in I recognize not you; then must honor myself (ies) like new mone ie monies, fur and or candies.

Lifecycle of a new nation state shall become a lot simpler, I had a place to left of train tracks perhaps Fullerton comes up (mightve been closer back toward or approaching Lake Street at some time), city subject to redistricting so it felt more like West Town of course. A woman who else?! My partner and or spouse is coming and going with a little girl probably testing to see if we can establish early family immigrant life here (family outweighed in business district in earnest or fondness)?! Answer was No. To right of my unit, was an art table set up for my little girl so you;re/ were making ourselves crazy auditioning properties or dwellings for no good reason at all.

You work by dey lending to energy mind seduction with solar power doing much of work laboar so far as thats conserned but uh you would arrive at empty facility without power; then candle and we begin profusely sweating out toxins of yesteryear starting anew and afresh with a backing source of infrastructure converting relearning to engineer field studies as hopefully mermaids will be taking shape in some laboratory with a whole helluva lot less pain presumably.

What I also believe was that quite possibly universe got charge from quiery...she put in materials and universe went BAM! translation pre-enacted when only had to reach it for a catatonic planet state with galaxy for hands holding the paperwork route to our existential framework ideologies or togeterness-returned; otherwise impossible to feel or know true shame for liking the field of vision we prefer in whatever array which has different value judgement in computing or mechanical world not a black and white issue fradulizing limitation.

When the flash is caused at 211, we sat to the right of wooden steps colored dull periwinkle (not you pull a couple of colors apart from crayola box of literary function) by Clara Penny and Thelma Brown; my head swivels and not for a lack of field vision knowing but forseeable field vision understanding; for the depth or target range for that particular kinda trouble and or just how deep da bullshit gonna get; basec on singular incident so to a very old child notion is just this...Im best off to ignore tis loopy loo negatively aspected and focus on something else like speak and spell to eventually chip at away at my own little mechanical heart of a"Free People".

Before sex; there was eroticism, sensuality, a feeling-knowing state, a state of premonition (forseen or forseeing brain implicated, spirt bound to experience, soul committed to thinking it outloud, so materiality of functioni thought enacted-front view shadow puppetry engaged and for that how does one put a price on living? as if all humaning were analogy of 2 boys playing with action figures so a child must know what some adults know; making some new interdisciplinary ie study of singularity analytical or critical or only... Endast via the Swedish and Nur via German; thus to be free is something to be trapped is truly something else with body parts engaging under camera at county hospital with no idea of source pull pinning- old model...more advanced than to put in ordinarily terms ie not race but body structure nationhood if race then shared not inhibitor uptook by communicable disease foreign to it) or pre-admonishing to be admonished, amorata/amoratum ie chord fish ie chordata, as opposed to clown fish; less extra oxygen be too dense think or stupid to feel perception's objective, form or function-unlikely in a naturally intelligent environment; less social study in real time biology known as epigetics be the ass ofall butt jokes....Signed Murphys Law by Cheri

I also remember documents, now on my and our our timeline they would be defined as a Jewish suvivor number perhaps in the form of a hex color code and their last name (kept from them), in the case that records become too sensitive to either be maintained or keep as hard copy; must be other system in place docking from a memory of Laggerts being responsibe for these records being destroyed by fire...oops so then how will you know or believe re-building a genome specific network is just ok?! Otherwise the fact is just this; you trust speaker so a woman tells you that is, in fact, her child and thats it minus any ulterior motive to live or convince you of anything else...whats to loose spent in form of an identity underground; made viral in a social manner of speaking, which point sociology becomes the go to or alpha for/ of biology.

At time scientest awoke Mary Shelley, exchange prorated informaton from brain valve whole body unit after she got over this concept of feeling guilty for please with a twin a quarter of her size but perhaps on Fulton; her own child was then put among a group of test, trials and studies such as Jack in the form of a hung able bodied monstrocity to see if experiment and control could, not only in fact, live side by side but behave as family or single unit occupancy next of kin.` dats a sho nuff Flashback

This fabricated race has no problems with falsified epithets of war for his names sake his being contraband and so conflict meant jobs, you require maintenance in the form supplies so even bad business is still business? I think not. You get an eary generation of parents restricted to supervised visits...it is quite possible that day in the park uhmm Elliot her aka chaffeur ran us out of the park...to the end of the park..there she is rebel rouser...wanting you stand still while they fuck ya witout vaseline...if act nothing you are afraid if you do youve re-engaged active war now they feed from that charge possibly. T likely walked or chaperoned us both being in red signals the scarlet letter normally women were stoned for lets say illicit activity meaning sexual impropriety or perceptions there of making night club work a sanctuary but also dangerous...so now any ole lie wouldve done at that rate...but typically when the Mother is in trouble on an international scale; the child is also in trouble and she was brought out to see me.

Are you sitting or standing? Cause you might fall down, feel faint once this validity has been received by open atmosphere of disclosure or knowing not scaled down to size falsified. If not then who and or where is holding or laying that unresuscitated edgework or edging back? Lest facts pop up in the middle and in the black church if everyone jumps up at the same time analogy, then ie truth is suicide meaning periments unsecured and whats obscure; defined re-counted/ recalibrated as (true forms will what I call) “tar baby” boom! Signed, Br'er Rabbit Rabbit in the fondness of a Canterbury Mind State.

“Less alcohol makes the spirit dense or susceptible or prone to spirit invasion (then you get a kinds of undesire creeping in; potentially) when not part of anatomical planetary structure”; meaning people drink ie meaning get a charge and become beligerence fueled by quench unable to be filled..making the ultimate sin or ultiate (ulti initiate) absurding or ultimate absurdity...waste of life force...whereas semen the crime of roomy or rooming concentration..pull at the sensation of pleasure a necessity of a child sucking on milk needed for proper growth in place of a breast part being withheld and laugh at the children for a bid or wager it..the bride wife has or had to declare as enough ie unsustainable franchise attempt de-living..now...next what to do?

Survival does not have or know a gender; less only a color in the field of alien advance science (shaming the separation of light and dark clothing; less the colors bleed or “turn out pink” odd’ly stripped among white; a nationality bastardizing through the consolidation of ideologically made wholelistic tunnistic or tunable amppage ; fact and truth worthy of too being gaged (taking about lge itself in vain, then eating from the land/ shame the people, hoard the food);it only knows to keep doing whats its always done and that simply means being.

“New field of inquiry research is music aquatic?

If glass eye was the joke, then whole body mightve been deaf, dumb and blind or ignorant to its own processes or function from by which feeds it; rendering the state of inobservability, as opposed to, filtered unobservability? Doesnt sound right. I didnt say exact but disservability so service be improperly commemorated, held up as/by example, seva floundered and squandered away for an excuse to "keep on giving."

Australopithecus shows that having an infant shaped head does not impact encasement ie what is protected by subcutaneous fluid so intelligence be it: brain, brain size; let alone carrying capacity or memory body carrying generation genome cell. Thus, even in finite space it still outlives longevity or performance value making more bang for your buck suddenly the new misnomer jam. `Stephen J. Gould

And if we show or prove that girls were once women owned and operated by a 1920s paradigm of belonging, then what happens?

In the event one has trouble to perceive the existential obvious assume not that the optimized range of beauty or truth viewable has been...assume that the objectologized glitch in the matrix has a solution; not a checkpointed variable, leading only to mathematical equation insolvency but that observability is indeed-understaffed. `Walmart Quierie Pending From the Vaults of Krishnamurti...

Everyone eats at the table of functionality; making terms like hunger, poverty and homelessness the least worry and terms like homelandless the new inhibitor update on public display and if that is true then, terms like racism, sexism and classism; need not apply for position of terminality in a new nation state with all the bells and whistles of science and religion with festival meaning season of prayer-worshipphing (replacements for intellectual discourse on faith and pedagogy how does your belief system impact your teaching style or not?) sectarians (meaning wordly or another faction of christianity unpronouced sectioned off?) and sanctified historians alike. `Lauren Beachly

Making (now not a verb but a filler) the child too scared (of surrendering or being vulnerable ) to be White; too fearless (of wide open natural habit spaces) to be Black ie storybook theme for Vi and McKenna
and it is the tears that make me stronger waking the entire pre-ovary releasing beast of creative engineering species augment designing in its inception phase not recovery.`Charlies Angels 4 ever

You dont look like your voice or you dont sound like you look, what about how I feel should be a new lecture; remember people have to be still or still be in motion while, transitioning whats the difference if not moving already or then what is static? Cling with implications of laundry, inertia or noise or white noise ie ushered along in the background or background threatening to avert the real thing. Then how "I" still speaking if not in the context of an authenticating audience? Unspecified..(echo in)we couldnt have (echo out) have talked our way out of or through the ether, without a vessel recepticle through to flush the artistry of sound. How would you know or be set to believe that in fact that was beginning? You trust not us but what youve always known. Im gonna turn it over to you now (T).
(as a variable for after comes thereafter T(M)=U Variable, constant and solution time some rate of variance that google detects or recognizes as twice itself or constant on the much disputed timeline of a distributive property fear not as complicated as it sounds simply guarantee proportionality or evenness on both sides).
Give card to Vi and step off to left (as a variable for after comes thereafter T(M)=U Variable, constant and solution time some rate of variance that google detects or recognizes as twice itself or constant on the much disputed timeline of a distributive property fear not as complicated as it sounds simply guarantee proportionality or evenness on both sides.) `Wilhemina and or Barbara; if not Valerie

When race was not under assault gender was which is by far the most dangerous so arguement wouldve been boys are incapable of being metrosexual or possession any ie level of female androgynes...the translation ie my son or any male child does not deserve to be be held and coddled and does not requie affection ie attention just as girl otherwise his masculine hood is at stake...will be threatened or compromised later in life (he is not Laggert), then the argument wouldve been men dont come out to defend their communities...as if intelliherent life forms dont know the difference between playing and warring making consciousness ie anti-aloofness, anti arbibrary nebulating breathing less than itself less than exquisitely kept or swept underground. This cannot happen again. Flemming Imma turn it over to you now.

Whats doing the snapping, while listening to this music track vs laying a track not but installing this front feminist track of head of hair but uhmm no series less God be out to the lunch of this entire building. Author mutable

If air were a photosynthate enacted, as breathing in “elemental” water or h20, then my hair color would be completely; if not oxygen deprived in terms of hue or unassistedly breathing, you mightve asked?! Madonna, Alisha and or Janet quote Signed, 1985 BabyTalk

Borrowing from the genome of us and then knock survival for that difference.

Laggerts can stop slowing evolution with the term blind as a bat; with meanings lowered inhibition of a viewing density being mostly cave dwelling simply means they see better at night, thats when they come out for activity not get an eye clump of a less put on or accumulated over there eye feigning for or behind the cloud ie veil known as, hidden optimization of colored eye correction; less your world be drab and dull ie boring-do you accept this? I sure in the fuck dont. Lipton...Imma turn it over to you now Sky Hawk

If mightve been impossible for all of that allegedly contact sex to make me high less we be phantoms to our own beckoning, calling or reaching desire, then what is a need? And then, that same need mustve already been met by desire to have known the stewardship, navigation or steering of fulfillment. Signed, I swear I wouldnt have fucked with that ugly girl; she's not playing

And you’ll sleep better after having all these unfounded accusations put to rest about just how safe is safe sex, as if the term safe couldve ever been a holding chamber for valuables much less a practice supported by a grouping or classification pre-found.

You dont look like your voice or you dont sound like you look, what about how I feel should be a new lecture; remember people have to be still or still be in motion while, transitioning whats the difference if not moving already or then what is static? Cling with implications of laundry, inertia or noise or white noise ie ushered along in the background or background threatening to avert the real thing. Then how a I still speaking if not in the context of an authenticating audience? Unspecified..(echo in)we couldnt have (echo out) have talked our way out of or through the ether, without a vessel receptticle through to flush the artistry of sound. How would you know or be set to believe that in fact that was beginning? You trust not us but what youve always known. Im gonna turn it over to you now (T) (as a variable for after comes thereafter T(M)=U Variable, constant and solution time some rate of variance that google detects or recognizes as twice itself or constant on the much disputed timeline of a distributive property fear not as complicated as it sounds simply guarantee proportionality or evenness on both sides.) `Wilhemina and or Barbara; if not Valerie

I hear Valerie creep as to whether I am answering for myself or on behalf of someone if I am parent or child YOu (the place) hear monatonous thumping coming up stairs, then they said whose the retard in da housee? at Girlbar so singular entity jugging multiplayer mainframe of self and how to do you get at truth as opposed to separating it out? They get ghost detectors and metal contraptions maintained by people to hone the land or property for vulnerability and then the most fragile of them becomes the enviromments speaking character vision ie materialized who has to pour forward or announce; they saw 5 year Chrisina Crawford in bathroom or restroom or lavoratory (alternate to laboratory or research confinement quarters) with her back against the wall meaning these Laggers are, have and did playing with the spirit so Americas closing.

You do a study unannounced during ghost telling hour with only a candle or flashlight in a dark room and see who will get scared first, then which way do they run with it (to speaker or the woman behind the group meanings will be further or newly reorchestrated ie indifferently activated on our timeline of hopefully 2 women).

It would logically be impossible for a child to become lost over what his fate; if this woman is left to her own fabricated race devices shall or wouldve become ie permanently trapped always playing in Samantha and Joey's hair.

I had gotten in trouble at church over a demonstration and had to fill pot holes and afterwards that location mightve been turned into a mall perhaps; only character set experiences a phenotypic layover or a layover so far as phenotype is concerned because Im brown still small though.

If you notice character Samantha in television series "Gimme a Break" moves while character Nell attempts to pat (another problem term) or console her, while shes hugging Ricki aka Joey confers "I wasnt gonna leave you in there by yourself to keep doing battle" also prolly, perhaps portrayed by Margaret Griffin aka Levon working at AOL Time Warner sometimes.

In this game some people have been blown da fuq down for the best and yet others have been blown down past bad ie Laggert race some brown seeming some pale meaning...red, yellow and brown or black. If sky were moved out from mountain, does time make an organ reject out of that space itself; and if not , then how did it happen ie occur on the chemical reactive chain cycle and upon reasonably infallible explanation; I shall believe it, (in a mesmeral sorta way not literal one) .

In the event false nations have been pulled out of the breatbone of creations sun orange red; setting into the intellect quotient of that same horizon, then the final chapter on America shall be closing.

It has to be first humanly drawn or mapped out in chemical or "steroic" (steroid atom) change reactive type format other than titration (yet thats where the factualized not fictionalized knowing shows up) meaning how did earth sustain it (moreso than the blanket or mindless or dim-witted statement-prove it!); defined as occurence or ether happening? not making an organ reject out of space itself, so how did it happen and then Ill believe it, (in a mesmeral sorta way; not literal) in face, a documented past- negated (the difference ie redaction; captured on paper) really did. Now just listen to how that sounds...Chet Faker-Gold

The masculinity spectrum; none of us were sure of, early on well fuck then ugh femnininity was in twice as much trouble for three x the fun but my grade school teacher was the earliest protype of or for man giving shape and character to John, which is my male name...he receives nomination as the ultimate dark stud (which they can tell the truth about the term stud being earring post, a hard feminine woman, an Italian man or one who pimps whatever they define as a Black woman for anything and everything, one who fucks over all Black women in the hood til he can find his original protype Donna Summer...take your pick! studded up as in decked out in fine diamonds and other jewelries...bedazzler included?! You see good friends; my girls graduated grade school, high school, college and grad school under choice majors not surrended to or survived by.

Even barbarians or the neanderthal is a gentlemen and not all savages, (keyword) masculinities and or masculinies are crude; rather classical at certain points in history less history be cued the fuq up (due to fabricated race- I would owe at least 10 people a hands on murder; other obligations await me) but err uhm doesnt make them any less manly, stupid ie unaware to the obvious, unkind or unintelligibly imaginable in pratice nor application.

Only one generation should theoretically be able to say, remember, vouch for being there; when their parent, older sister or twin was de-flowered and by who, since the monarchy itself can never e de-throwned. Ts first time was with my grade school teacher; meaning basically everything stripped away from me and re-instituted (lending to the monarch program of surrogacy and the woman who that child years to lay the most on or be coddled the most by; became a confirmed sighting, as if geneology were on the loose, running amuck, on the escape or had broken loose) and or re-personified via white dress with red ruffles (white dress shoes switched to black-by fabricated race), in child terms, at that time...since Im like little old lady...she has to be more creative and move far beyond the boundaries of sex eventually to convincely retrieve my mind-spirit function, although it starts with her sampling my blue freeze pop erotically to make me want to live again (figure out what to do) the life once an active memory to signal someplace called home (this sho'll and da fuq wasnt it).

In no legal war, could you have been given a script ie handed out a script verbatim furthermore could it have been used and or threatened to turn against or on orginal carrier genome family be it 1,2,3,4 or more.

In an ideal environment, a woman has 2 children, as a reminder of who and what you or she believe/s yourself/ herself to be.

And you exist not because man but because universal source can verify your identity or show it to you long enough for you to remember what’s happened and your perfected state; it leans not on the wisdom, understanding or knowing of the flesh but conceeding to remember everywhere youve ever and always been.

The density is least itself when you have a Laggert tugging and or pulling on the heart string second and the aorta for the hour; symbolically speaking and so you cannot consequently, vector artwork (using any ole graphics program) properly which normally moves in the same feel or fashion as the smallest ticking inference on a simple wall clock..as exectued on the 400 block of peoria street at University of Illinois also known as gallery 547...thats when you get the real thing doing the accounting

T says how long is it going to be before she believes something? And for the sheer fact of being already dead but because identitys had already been stolen; if not acquisition implies legal, lawful possession. In my world, since thats all there is/was...it wouldve been impossible for me to have ever been stolen; let alone abducted. You gotta be kidding me? On the real.

How does false mater form, sustain and or charge (artificial); enough to cause collateral nuissance? Manifesting real or true heart felt pain in various body parts. Maybe genius says Ill prove system is real by inputting her or my own child and complication got the temporary best of what they knew or believed made good or made out on/ as genetic evolution not fact of design or paradigm of truth. Meaning she up-ed the antics on wage or wager (Tony aka Willie gets some information tries to bid on her ie science, as well as, bid her out, as me well fuq, then Im science and he is still and yet; without the IQ) to ensure victory in a certain format.

So far as gender, one day youll see that lets say the 1900s-1930s pin up girl era of same sex relations had most been ommitted or at least not captured under large screen of active or visible dialogue as trackable butch-femme and or femme-stud relations (what they use to try and call a butch and a femme or a femme and a stud still had yet to reach maximum entropy); since maintained in vault of Calpernia, as Lonnette McGee/ McGee, Freddi Washington, Pigmeat Markham and Chelo Alonso. Consequently, Stonewall probably or possibly originated in New York pouring though various tubes or television currency light cloudy bulb type raised displays and those annoying naturally emitting screen lines that spoke to you in multiple frames with horizontally marching lips (as a soul pass card for graveyard guardian overseer spiriting its tic tac toe selves; collectively) long before the lcd flat panel in various word parts with its geneology tracked through to Chicago-home.

A little girl looks like a girl but can go or throw down like a boy and they call her a hoe (a gardening tool) for it you, thus you must be related to that line right there that just walked by. Now if proper operators are not in place; she without her knowing has been nominated for rape (logically shes underneath John credit loaned out to do and cause collateral damage t o or on enemy lines) and consequently candidate or candidacy means promise on delivery meaning you will/ you shall be raped under those conditions back then (continuously amending survival and species evolution meaning language is currently still being ratified). ‘The Girl in Teal

Everything taking contraception is not taking it for reasons known, thought of or considered women took it for menustration regulation, skin ailments, ovulation reasons, hormone regulation (that could mean any fucking thing) ie prevent or induce or provoke blood clot? neverless casality lends towards generation or classification of drugs with primary uses or altenative use so children note: applicabilitiy should not be intepreted as a free pass to act nor be irresponsible in terms of use or consumption, reasoning or methodology, psychology (with the opposite being psychiatry or psychiatrist one who adminsters drugs with the other handing the therapy component) or function ie act a fool.

While the earliest verisons of an Intra Uterine Device (IUD) had to be surgically inserted, as well as, removed; the plastic versions were self-insertable. `Gimme a Break

A little girl looks like a girl but can go or throw down like a boy and they call her a hoe (a gardening tool) for it you, thus you must be related to that line right there that just walked by. Now if proper operators are not in place; she without her knowing has been nominated for rape (logically shes underneath John credit loaned out to do and cause collateral damage t o or on enemy lines) and consequently candidate or candidacy means promise on delivery meaning you will/ you shall be raped under those conditions back then (continuously amending survival and species evolution meaning language is currently still being ratified). `The Girl in Teal

We are being re-constituted; sparing the next generation that pain with the ultimate question being can you track your friends? month to month year to year. In my case, Melanie and Ricki come in and out of focus, so what that tells you is that you dont have a collective memory because you didnt have a child hood with the best of em coming in and out of focus. Identies had been stolen; they should never know that, its implications of body organs ie functional, sexual, filtering, carrying, cleansing, scrubbing, flushing, protecting and or fuel fund placed on the black market in the form of a shipping boxes improperly organized, packaged, labeled, as well as, taped.

So far as children being in order, I believe the target on young people mightve been to hurt the mind heart by telling them that might be your aunt, it might be your teacher, it could be house mother, it could be your nun; otherwise notice how some children come very close into your proximitity and some dont...some you eye and some you dont...which is another reason why 13 tribe names exist so for example "this is your tribe name" lending temporary relief but short seeming permanent term still wondering what does that mean exactly? wheres placement? wheres home? with which children? who will I wake up seeing at lest say 5am yeti time?

So far as a surveillance state designed to ward off sub-normvative behavior such as 2 gay men holding hands; thats the least of your worries how about keeping a movie trope such as the zombie in plural format from encroaching and flooding communities in search of virginality-however they wanna define it, otherwise proof that panopticon does work otherwise wed be able to pick up or at least hear warring occuring within a mile radius, which is why next generation sleeps in peace without worrying their body parts are being manipulated unwillfully, unlawfully as some type of cataclymsic substrate; left over from the ruins or the end (they are a fabricated race; they have not a go to or default setting).

A surveillance state fails without an operator or without an actively awakened viewing range of a person checking in on street and or pavement, gravel or asphalt wellness; making it currently active as theory until the major bases of America have been cleared; otherwise youd have a system in place and app lets say or home camera to check for or on activity and the notion of a motion dectector or motion detection becomes not a running joke but an open consruct in a panopticon state. Now! making this statement "we dont know how many cameras are actively running on city streets of chicago" novel at that time but err uhm..in a new nation state-impossible not to know what your own numbers are..then the reports are not completely a rotaton ie genome has not connected up so you have a weekly meeting lets say hypothetically on a friday when you map out survival structure or create an anatomy to help ya keep on surviving with your own independent flesh.

And you exist not because man but because universal source can verify your identity or show it to you long enough for you to remember what’s happened and your perfected state; it leans not on the wisdom, understanding or knowing of the flesh to remember everywhere youve ever and always been.

If no one reminds a flower of its property be it dantiness, weatherability and utilitarianhood (for a state of being) feeding from the forcefield of desire, then how does it know it belongs? Much in the same way that the animal kingdom shall not; must not; never forget how their names, kingdoms and phylums that came into taxonomic existence of evolutionary creation; as if the continuum were solely a staunch trench, meanig unable: imperceivably deaf, dumb and blind or immune to being tracked in real time...whether it applies to sex, booze or drugs; let alone sugary saccarides dotta dotta da.

If I forget you (its name is amnesia); my mind is a retainer, my body a pre-loaner engine or valve so you cannot; impossible for a set of twin to be out of active awakened commission print or circulation extending a state where parent remembers child, even if sibling isnt aware of its extenuating conditions of/for self; indicating a property field of existence times itself.

Forget has traditionally been a verb; also a noun. Long term and short term memory being its proper noun meaning ie a short term memory of continuity streaming for the television soul so then then the mind gets overloaded ie thought interception flow and must return to some maker state, until further notice all operations continue as they were being the development or nupital bliss of nature ie the natural worlds active ebb and flow in its variance of formats.

If I forget you (its name is amnesia); my mind is a retainer, my body a pre-loaner engine or valve so you cannot; impossible=both ie twins (implies more than 1 set, so 1 twin or 2 twins so individually ie uncertain terms or collectively ie problem with language no consensus and thats what happens when you try to play with the spirit) to be out of active awakened commission print or circulation at the same time. This extends a state where parent remembers child, even if child isnt aware of its extenuating conditiosn of/for self; indicating a property filed of existence times itself... at some variable which shall remain unknown and that my fellow friends is what we do when we care for our offspring just in the format legitimate people seeking consul from Orish must pass through this guardian women; whereby she sits there slowly nodding yes or no to gifts, ecommerce items left and or to/shall or shall not be purchased by me-same difference Honor is how we showed the fuq up on this planet, before planet descent invite itself in by usurp and I be doggone; meaning and thats how we going out from America.

The notion was to create a terminal gap in the game or school of philosphophical theory ie pure supposition, then that same gap between epistemology ie what we believe to be true and ontology what we know is true not as in cancer but as in systemic urgency unretrievable and unsolvable- disease is boning me ie bothering or perplexing whatever parts of me, then why has mathematics successfully proven errr uhmmm solved for x (basic algebraic expression) is, in fact, solvable. (Now or making distributive property is another story but the newest of uhhh...newest interdisciplinary on record but Im just saying not pre-supposing anything but this is why it takes a community to agree and or concur on something like the order of operations ie PEMDAS meaning please, excuse my dear aunt Sue or Sally.

In an ideal environment, a woman has 2 children, as a reminder of who and what you or she believe/s yourself/ herself to be.

At 211, they must jar the electric circuit somehow lending me paralyzed by vertigo like sickness, Fanny aka takes some Melvin aka Smiley blast has the white suit on and with a spin around in a chair BAM! As Thelmon so that foot goes down with the bango lowered, while staring at me. Quite frankly, I dont see how the fuq it happened and how they couldve done more than what I am meaning you cannot barter on the difference; so and now America closes. Ya gotta tell me more than vibration frequency is being held up or held back by material, such as plastic.

What Im hearing they ie Laggers found a way to temporary access electricity without full ramification meaning a child or children must remain trapped in the building to withstand the shock on behalf of fabrication. Hows that? If continuity aint weird enough for ya...get this...when you have a bonafide or certified liar caught alone or isolated in the building (they get so scared they all abandon temporarily for a clearance) but you get what might be called a self electrocution, where that thingie whatever it is found hanging inside of the building structure from someplace like perhaps the ceiling.
`The Illumnati
Chapters of McKenzie Kinley
Whats your terrorism quotient?

Hiding out in the open during a silent war; still being tracked in real time not waiting for the Laggert you to be sleep or gone to snoop around, while withholding the estate or probate of the people aint my idea of showing a lady a nice time.

And if I am the germ, then either the community and or the environment must be fight off the disease of solitude though food, clothing and shelter; until the phantom of sequence can reveal its casing of a sex-body spirit house among the highest level of twin laboratoring at which rate one is greater percentage of oxygenized or oxygenated water than other defined as more human ;)

County fairs code word for farm life use to be more than a mere spectator sport where all people do is gobble down food; major loss of sportsmanship or participanthood where children participate on behalf of family name function through activities such as blueberry or apple pie eating contests, mutton racing, potato sack racing at which rate a blue ribbon among others were given and consequently the beer pabst blue ribbon beer had acquired this logo. ‘Abigail

I remember as a baby when cake had to be ushered into miniature taste buds of my life, since a a soul re-hashing newness hasnt defined; let alone defiled or baselined an appetite for acquisition just yet because it hasnt even remembered its earlier life; at that time. `Signed, Don’t cry baby

Laggerts were hoping to make the paradigm over rotate as in reuse/ recycle or recyle these bodies past the expiration date; pouring into its own pores greater in house toxity and greater ommitted genome sequencing in the form of whats being kept out or locked out...so clean your dirtied by whats unlawfully clinging and shareware; biologically unfounded ie the inherent lie- germ (unborrowed; code for see or try back in lets say ughhh another 50 years). `by either Woodstock or Woodstock minus Snoopy

Devotingly credited to 无名 Wúmíng and her sisters, signed the "Dont touch me baby"

The original name game was so that the wrong sequence identity would not be paired or meet up with the wrong carrier fellowship, as in the case of Abner, Ramirez, Ramirez Saldana, Ramirez Donna Summer. `MELANIE

The Laggert attempted to occupy occupancy by making the new nation state too large to justify emmigration or a transnational identity or so engored ie experience a population boon so big that generations now physically collide; equaling up to the release of the atomic bomb in an explosion kinda way but that atom had already, since been successfully split.

Laggerts tried to make a goalie or a goal by making Alymer a recepticle pass gate for pain trapped at the baseline, upon which they stand to reach from a complacent middle pulling blindly for straws in the form of contraband be it grape sugary treats, hair products and or mostly junk television in the name of aquiring the "purest" highest illuminati line.

And the threat of sound should not silence nor disbarr you from being heard defined, as found; lest it empower you first ie already occupied.

You might not sound like what you imagine youself to be meaning the speaker ie that sound, your sound gets put through the receiver of another person lending a different audio clairvoyance range or voice input interpretation so this is another reason people should not be separated lending to less worry about signal reception or sensory output ie sensory power recycle by wrong or unfavorable or off sequence entity.

Laggerts get ahold to some concept such as a test tube baby, for example, then there excuse to the scientist becomes "prove she's yours," while never letting go of the child's metaphorical arm in the form of allocations be it electricity, water ie natural resources and or something that they defined as "rent" with the ledger being transfered from property to property on the childs head in the case of the latter...otherwise making a high yieding producce or product of likelineed purely a cash crop threatening to leave an embryo as strictly or its own honing tool or devise ie make an abomination of science and a devil of religion-impossible!

Establishments were once rooming/ boarding houses (before school integration ie pre-John Marshall) functioning much in the same way of an escape route or passage akin to an underground railroad without formal law state meaning alls you knew was someone was following after you (less you be trapped solely in the prison of your imagination or wanting; I think not!) so you were escorted out of plain view or ducked and dodged through these various saloons and taverns (for example) meeting up with the back; eventually outta the back door and to the next nearing check point to throw or keep enemy off the trail for a while, next plan of action was conscienably: determined.

When youve been built into the mainframe of existence, you have to work a bit harder to see the pull out truth of onesself being code word for an appendage or addendum standing right beside, much in the same way that childrens books ordinarily supplied them; no need to look cause its always there nor taken for granted only supple or supply infused..no thoughts or care that contiuum outsides of here and now...making grace the inherent danger beautified and the beauty of that same inherent danger. Bonobo • FKJ • Tor - Special Coffeeshop Selection [Seven Beats Music]

If line is not stategized one can nevertheless making me outward seeming or appearing 3rd to 4th generational in relationship to Eliza, for example or Johnś wife as opposed to her female parent; lending to a failure in functional support personal. If that is true, then it must also be true that women should not placated and sexually messed over for her placement on the genome structure; they must account to an authentic experience with the redemptive practice-orchestration of a spiral rNa that can fast forward or wind down memory experience leaving ie a tapering off of dna, so that infringement doesnt perceive or exist; hopefully not to be confused with the appetite of unequivocal not possibly no. Zabel [Armenian]

While the most telling tale of how Laggerts came into being being under Mary Shelley Matter; as she was crystallizing under framework apparatus on left of scientist (bed a) with possible someone present (W.W.) yes...Im talking green gook or gunk and all; a bid to strike up conversation false implanted (bed b) lent to a Laggert (named TAB; refers to a guitar but okkk) formed from excess or negative ion charge. Now da fuq would I know that; unless occassionally omnipresent, omnipotent? so not only able to perceive the room but look in on scientific test trials, as well; much in the same way as a television camera in the hospital? I-I-I

My thinking was that if the scientist does not gain control over the concept of obscenity not represented by the a vehicle honking at an obscene hour of the am so then, never touch region; not to be mistaken for nether region ie Nederlands. This being the lowest pit confusedly applied for as The Netherlands not Hades or Hell but Sweden, for example, (never return or never come back here ie banishment as something like a pass required for real people-them to get in making us-foci)...less they get ahold to the notions of a test tube baby flashing her little "go and tell" and...and... we remain lost through to no improprity on your or mine behalf, you see.` Signed, Peek-a-boo

While predator mightve have once meant something simply moving in the field of vision ie preferrably at night in the wild and at that time the dominant color was green; on the military spectrum; hence came nudity to see if you see what I see; upon planetary descent it came to be or mean the scrounging of, after or for what woman has always known in at face value; without having to hide behind children for mascots to do your dirt bidding, mechanisms such as lenses or natural elements such as fire converted into pure charge potential among dirt and plastic siphoned out from leftover purities. `Ian Gilchrist.

In my world, clocking means that you simple stand there waiting, (we say child because it were, as if naked without covering too infrequently leaning only on non recognition for real thing) for the camera to on cue detection and you become paralyzed only from an inhiition centered around the uncertain of what (ie what do you see or what is it? what do you want challenged from the spirit world and if for example it is not I typing; then who? making Frightening itself only a Monster Thought of/ for a geneology perhaps!) the damn thing does ie that looking ghost be it machine or man eye will pick up or reveal through hard print formerly known as, material or carbon print.

If one says for example, that Rod her Rick has the task of learning how to treat a lady an impossible feat or unattainable goan, then they can use that pre-established fact not a basis for it, as an excuse to keep breathing.

If you have one experiment group who needs more than 1 body, other prefers only 1 body then brain should be tricked by soul purpose or function to disbelieve but it requires experience collectively (a genome casing house)...this applies to sex, food and water meaning also the transfer of power must work both ways; not unilaterally otherwise youd have nothing ie no base to stand on, in terms of credibility buiding and or workshoping; let alone benchmarking the self (a means of by-passing trauma that shouldve never been, as if as if it were a proper noun ie fuck trauma and then that verb; noun).

And we exist because ladies dont normally "Kiss and Tell" making this Shirley Temple movie than that a classic but mostly because the trust the brick work or foundation of the stratigized self; Im sure theyĺl tell whatś what at a time that wont burn my ears. In the meanwhile, Ill simply get reminding myself that this same principle led to a makeshift, provisional or stopgap society threatening to run amuck (whether we all collective agreed on a family plan or not because here they are). Then, all mightve been not lost (from the minds failue to connect up or recognize its own sexual organ whole body infrastructure) but construct challenged lending to a surrealized or temporal pergatory with us as food bait; hence came the phrase¨all mine¨ with the clause or clause trail ¨hands off.¨ (Worse case scenario you cget a woman; not a man able to withstand pussy being flashed at her all day; at which point eventually they go away made temporarily tired from dummy coding all day without response, as stupid as that might sound) and the more she withstands the more desireable she becomes on her genome structure...less only sexual organ shall change and he who creates it; gets to test it out first in real active concurrent time coming into real, actualized fruition.

Laggerts wouldve had no place to roam from the inbred filth of India, where children thrash through villages warding off fabricated spirit war dogs with cut off tails looking to enact trouble on behalf of undesirability be gone of an excuse for human and the toilets in Europe sucking out currency, in the form of 25 to 50 cents per flush; lets say 10-20 years ago and anythin else lends to bastardization.

To the person who asks why is India so dirty? I say to you this...It could be that they are wallowing in their own filth, at that time or that they were trying to get foreign spirit invasion out being encased in temporal bodys (not bodies) requiring silica type adornment for skin, hair and nails so then, not bodies trying to uptake, usurp or overthrow (not meaning surplus but to take control or seize it taking foreceable; not what is left over, as if it coudve ever been given or loaned!) the default setting or pre-set value.

Underrated story of someone make sure its a woman! who gets the DNA results (ie can make the genome case for) that read Ïm not Black...making every Laggert regardless of what they think or presume they look like hot around the collar, since theyd all love to tell the world that) or better yet Iḿ a transnationalist ie I have a transnational identity thats how you corner a niche, market and or brand, ie generate revenue plus get the best parking slot or structure in a dwelling spot, on the real.

Asexuality might suggest indifference to sexuality doing or preference ie non partisanship so then, whats opposite? ones mirror reflection then but prior to human application applied to other species like jellyfish, which if in biological mechanizing terms we know rarely travel for long solitarily and then indifference only exists because difference has been chemically annotated at the doctoral level (it had known a life, standard or worse! circumstance by which to arrive at that particular stop or check point) by disciplines such as human sexuality, abnormal psychology and mathemathic´s algebraic expression supported by real, viable communities or designators both wide and far; not designatees imagining a liveliness (minus the political bludgeoning tool of head over heel propoganda that would retire even Captain Caveman early than need be).

While the fondest memories of early immigrant life werent centered on emigration but on meager Catholicism, devout pasta, benchmark ice skating and modern Italian traditionalism- that straddles consenting to consent under the roof of monarch shadow keepers ie adults lending to a generation left home unattended, in the trust of the oldest sibling and separate rooms unnecessary despite densely packed spaces -bath across the living space or hall from our 2 bedroom flat; a name. `Peggy Flemming

During early immigrant life; discipline wasnt administered or regulated among the collateral totalities of irresponsible, recklessness, carelessness, negligent, hap-hazard youth but merely a code of or for conduct extended to us, as a reminder of our own future executive presence. (Lending to the question whats a race, ethnicity, culture, identity and or nation state?) `Peggy Flemming

While it has been suggested all these things that God is not; the man upstairs pushing on whimsical command like buttons in judgement of what happens below, then he or she must be consciousness meaning if a tree falls in the forest, does it make or generate noise or sound even if theres no one around or perhaps gaia in the form of an earth based system of worship taken up in a backyard of sorts. Of all of these things for what God is not, then what must it be; other than the obvious pronoun exempt? A vault undiagnosed by man made languages.

If trapped in America, upon leaving prevented from accessing suitable attire for my children; much less myself...then there should be no hard feelings if my parent (spouse) s become my clothing.

‘ They showed up looking to hitch a “free” ride on the blood supply and not in an biological sweeper kinda way that legitimizes carrier function in the form of cleaning up that anaerobic resting rate of infectious disease.

When a baby seal or pup is stuck with a harpoon by hunters, in its initialization phase oozes blue but as the animal approaches the top; true color red varigates upward until it is its reddest meaning that the new and or impending oxygen hasnt been released into the atmospheric ozone of least constraint.

You can play this game of what doesnt bother you today will tomorrow, what doesnt bother you tomorrow will bother you in a week from now and uh what doesnt bother in a week from now will in a month but eventually gravity is going to go into effect; retroactively. `Peggy Lipton If we assume up to be at angle of 360 degrees then then the little girl who lived on level 1 must be positioned forward facing at roughly -180 degrees (still problematic being calculated in terms of integers ie wrong part of the world) in St. Louis Blues at 1958 and B.B King on Sanford and Son at roughtly -180+10=-170 when she stops in to visit me working at Chicago jazz blues club...point being a simliar positioning.

In the movie Heller Keller, whats so bizarre is that pupil has once been teacher, teacher has once been pupil so what are the odds of someone growing up to have a profession in a field under which they were once afflicted by, as a child...regardless of bad bid being placed on their life at birth?

The best and only true preparation for war is war itself and aint a construct in the world can challenge that anti neutralized zone struggling to figure out the next neorealist framework.

If sound immunity were a consonant (B,T,H or Z), then thunder and lightning would make excellent or rather superb bed felllows. `Henry Wadsworth Longfellow aka The Dee Dee McCall of Modern Times

If girls would like to not only assume responsibility, as head of household and she really is that developed then we have a fashion show where they experience early womanhood wearing young women’s clothing; at which point it ends there under The Chicago Dressed Horseman Inc. LLC.

If Heading is God, then not must be the self; hence the newest institution of learned, accomplished, achieved study must shallnt be man but animal kingdom momentus-mutually exclusive.

And so the further down you go or spiral; requirement loses some stringency reporting with a wider space variance to be met, less we create a generation of children with basic needs met in the form of shelter, food and clothing, as well as, transportation but no parentage for worn down faces or smiles during a time when they should only be only envisioning Woodstock where tribal brotherhood is chivalrous and in nominating a girl- the best, brightest, smartest and fastest in a representative politick for overall species survival she is/ they are awarded not Motherhood, Mum, Mum Magick or “The M Word” but childhood cause sometimes girls need their Mothers more so than boys and thats how the West was won, in a nutshell (although conceediing to next best equipped player ie bench time and the buddy system were equal factors, not nearly as exquisite as the education sector in media). `The Danielle Project

Retro active eating ie consuming is to catch up with or from a past being withheld in the form of food lets say for example; attempting to by pass industry pre set standards for military tactical youth training, thus threatening to make the entire operation a failure; impossible. Signed, 2020

Alymer juxtaposition is that one looks one way on outside (phenotype) yet brain feels or extracts different or differentiated appearances, without the conviction of its mirror/s (why they fix your hair and do you); sigh...otheriwse brain is bio chemical substrate fluid function of being. susceptible to hijacking under certain conditions also subject to blood memory retrieval and or a partioning back in...what I consequntly believe to be true was that but certain folks were anticipating on a 100% proof or a fool proof gene (genotype) not one muddled up or a joker let alone a trumping, which meant new genetic markers and variances were born with the animal world or kingdom: phylum; ultimate GOD. `Subheading not

I rmeember when people use to implore animal statues (for Anubis unpresent day) by placing polycarbonate or stone structures on floors in finely manicured living cages; least someone was required to unlawfully be in that dwelling space, then they would become spooked upon laying their eyes upon that static fixture lending to a pre-mature test for panopticon society.`The White Wolf

In Mildred Pearce 1939 youll notice parent lunges forward; then child is slightly startled in the form of having to think about or gain some gall before administering the slap, now density is different so you see a temperamental child whose gotten something twisted but the head honcho more than likely says "If I'm that (uncommon tramp) then you are same and or what are you? if not me then you dont need this/my check...more than likely it was an early cut of an inheritance torn up...but girl (Veda) couldve never spoken to that woman like that in her house...hence intersexgenerational (not necessarily, as in possessing both xx and y) but as in the last of an incest generation.`Girl

Some folks, in a picture, appear so buoyantly disquieted or still look waiting for verification on what either the camera or the observer eye translates as perceivable or detectable much in the same way someone produces self consciousness on thought byproduct of being clocked. Signed, The Piano

If everything reveals the source of grief once tongue tied and stricken, bound, gaged and to be then, revealed or acquitted free from sneakers to the finest fabrics; then the question becomes not what I am but what shall I wear that doesnt frown back or shallnt be caught wearing that same ole lobbying, as a reminder? My own nudity perhaps for a while, until the species of me changes through some milestone such as tailbone fusion out of the urgency to become something forgetful in the form of that same past..`Snow White and the Huntsman Under an Ananda Heading; so Sub-heading.

Teetering off the Victorian era ie golden age of cinema meant that the society and culture meaning the cosmic shopkeepers were very hetero-erotic; yet to update and test for a same sex loving platform in full despite the age of paradigm itself being truly timeless not time-provocateering dating back to Luxemburg/ Luxembourg and the Two-Spirit intelligensia.

Im not sure if the locks or doors keep intruders out or us locked in use to be the old frame of thought but I remember when in Minnesota on tribemsan land, doors were left unlocked and the children as in Paris and I would run in and out of the house eating pop sicles most of the day. T is sick and says Im having trouble in my house Imma need you to go out and dance the land yet to no resolve. We then properties with locks, burgler alarms, dead bolted doors, double locks, latches and perhaps even barbed wire still unable to keep treachery out. Something’s wrong, as if were were not the keepers to the full extent of our own law ie lawfulness; we are certainly not our own nemesis nor are we without a country.

Awareness of the mind-body construct in the form of sexuality awareness studies; while most commonly taught as classical dance, lessons can be imparted in everyday activity such as allowing a toddler to walk themselves and leaving home extra early allowing them to do so. They understand that if they step improperly; falling is a possible, as is a scrape you have no buffer between here in the now and there you reach only parents to coddle you thereafter cause lets say we have to focus on something like research. Most importantly they learn how to manipulate their bodies less no undesireable to do it to you and or for you and how to be cognizant of undergarments showing….lending to a notion of code switching in gender under the narwhal formerly Navy Seal.

Since 5.0 had been unlawfully infiltrated by folks like Lipe, Penny and De Simone (testing by another generation such as Rod her Rick and (E.L), the goal was to gain some control over the body cam, figure out some variable charge potential, then turn around and harvest that alleged makeshift ie standby discovery known as a taser or taser gun (originating from a stun gun)...all the while proceeding to gridlock the circuits or cause an electrical spenddown...making it impossible for the genome to collectively catch up by a narrow margin.

The magnitude of problem was worse than the scope couldve ever imagined it to be lending the difference between disharmonized perception and reactive or ratified or ammended interpretation; with the only King or ruler being direct experience, under a genome monarch...since this is the only opinion that matters.

In a normal classroom you do not have children hanging all in between doorways and standing on collegiate desks with metal book racks, as part of an already pre-fixture, especially without a teachers directive or living will so sometimes you have to postulate your body for the mark, set and go of remembering; otherwise it mightve been that death couldnt be over come., in a way that wouldnt threaten to erode our entire sense of time.

How would or does a twin brain receptor verify its ladder helix structure; otherwise it'd be scared of its own interpretative impression climb-leading the phraseology "your afraid of your own shadow" due to a false twin expression and what must be said for the real thing?

Perhaps we should kick off the mark of some unknown as 400,000

The little black book was once known as a notch in the belt for every female species that a supposedly man has raped represented as names omitted from the book of the living, then what shall we assume about the dead? never coming back.

Respect for the sanctity of any culture is paramount and is an absolute less you have to become that and descent one day; shall we disgrace the North African Eritrean-Somalian travesty, belittle the central African Congo Republic or act as if though South African apartheid; never bled outward in the open daylight for you? thus making a diaspora out of not it but the 6 other continents left in its quake? I think not!

Lets say my spouse and I (we) have a disagreement and need to take a break, then T goes to her sisters to report about and indulge in sexual Woodstock for a weekend or 2 weeks and she has 1 child/ our child and well I am me (asexual at that time) so my idea of Woodstock to report about entails amassing as much information as I can in this space; since I have control of or an executor of the estate of the people who supply my clothes in the form of design, decide which foods ie the best quality is made available, ensure that trash pick up is as scheduled so on and so forth; neither one technically without comunity watchship. Some laggert race chimes in on Shangri La and suddenly more people have to be added in to take up the sequence whored out by where ever da fuq from which they poured and suddenly the line is not (no longer) long enough to pick up that slack or complete the circle to be known as tenure track reputed by university.

Sometimes you have to be everything there is on this planet before you can reach, obtain or realize your ideal self.

They- the enemy mightve said that Pinky served 2 masters however 2 masters had been consolidated under the rubric of 1 humanity driven by an advanced alien race who had moved way beyond the social confinement of race. `White Crane

If ethnicity were a trait, attribute or quality one of merit would be loyalty. If that is true, then the requirement would be more than skin color to justify family structure, then what is identity and why is it used? Consequently making space dynamism itself a construct of sorts; lest we the planet would all be mentally challenged. How so?

~The Academic Acadamien (fraternity maybe 15 plus)

As for rape, in whatever varied forms be it exploitation of alchol, sex or silica; the expense account fund allocated for beauty and or pain reserve has been falsely tapped into, applied, used and or occupied meaning theoetically my child couldn’t have possible had less of or for a carrier parent of me but must seek to offset that factually encapsulated loss.
[And once you leave a bullshit ass country, you’ll see the return rate of value on vault gifts, endowments and or blessings from the highest realm .]

While TV series Little House on the Prairie best depicts the bible’s known creed; if any part of your body ails you then cut it off, then it can also be said this is how the woman deals with violation of her temple through vihilified acts such as rape among those who sanction it, cheer it on and wish for it when that body is not of its own. She may see to use a more human aspect of same function known as vanity form of aesthetic or cosmetic augmentation meaning it takes a genius mind to reconstruct identity through the turning over of tissue.

They wouldve tried to absorb all future transactings of a new genome by continuously dipping into make up and or any aesthetic stock supplied readily or made avaible through the community from this home to that home from this beauty shop to that salon for example that they shouldnt have because Gia and I use it or require chemical sequencing and the right as stake and copywriter holds to offset customary or standard trend for xyz.

And even in the underworld does the gatekeeper listen to its intuitive parts to recite the spelling of that body’s or bodys’ (whether singular or plural in its respective order) ocean pretense tense and in hearing so finds that echo soul conscienates ie permeates past invisible sound barrier like walls for aisles, rows and of pure conch ether.

A backpack no longer means you are running away from home but that you are now keeping from being lost.

While out in the wild, a twin exists because how quickly you can replicate determines survival and human evolution; lets for example take the water bugs or long horned beetle who replicate very quickly making it impossible to outpace them numerically. Now as these species become larger the further out them move also meaning the less densely packed they become...what is the new trend? The further away from urban metropolitan areas they are, the larger they tend to become and the more food is typically required. This is compounded by the fact that the insulation threshold begins to shift and the carrier environment becomes the recipient of a new species to offset that prior or preauthorized trend in the form of a buffer between words unable to bridge the gap between being and becoming.

When shopping most of us havent stopped to consider whether we are being charged sales tax per item or total, furthermore I remember when freedom meant buy 1 get one free so then your amount owed cummulative was automatically halvened on something like a perishable good or novelty like birthday items meaning theoretically they could tax you on impropriety such as purchasing or buying out of order or not at minimum. As a result, you might could erode the currency like wind by walking too far too frequency; eating up by the cars bypassing you along the way and THIS IS HUGE, If thats true or possible then...nothing else should be taxable but a tax on living itself or solitarily; less a tax is owed you on being vs for with the earliest implying past, present and future known to the Spanish as abla ie ongoing participle in British United Kingdom English. `Consequently I am Signed,`The remix of LoLeaf at the Boiler Room and on Being young, unmarried, and female in Pakistan

By the time Senefra's male testerone levels have filtered through or shrunk comes a weaning down indicates her need/s have been successfully met (less pattern recognition on the lowering phase; not present or inactive in me) on its sequencing track, so then young girls are then passed further down the list or chain of command indicated desire is not only an inherited trait but a functional one ie creationist based ie an operant-byproduct of responsible indigenous race or advance science race; otherwise theyd/weve had whittled ourselves right down to the whore of it all (no chance of connecting for real sex over depictional sex)- with it being defined as impossibility.

MK Ultra came into being, during the time of active planetary descent I’m hateful as contract on my life is in place. I want to be anti bothered so am only child; pose to be in care of Linda; neither here nor there but ugly enjoys food so hence my came my responsibility to translate, convey and relay that in 15 year old terms and well Im gonna have my freeze pop now; quick you gotta get to the garden apartment and get fucked by your sister; making eroticism a metaphor way ahead of its time so its true then some days she must be sexually repulsed by proposition or just simile (not necessarily fax but so and?) also has a return rate of value coming back to me in form of lets say hypothetically an argument; where Im trapped...meaning must reject or push back and create other sequence. Signed, Boozoo Bajou - Satta (Full Album) [2001]

If they have control over my body, then technically she/ they can create their sexual fantasy on the fly. I can be made to look like whatever that current force field of desire is and everything else ie in DNA sequencing phenotype gets spiral modeled downward showcased from there, even though in Laggert minds; theyd swear that the current interface injected was all that but a literal bag of jump ship chips damned by God under auspices of anthin else-blasphemy of material; infectious waste need not apply. What is apparently that some of young girls are fooling their Laggert gatekeepers; using their money yet and still paying respect homage to that pale woman made honorarily Black; after having been truly Black behind closed doors on the average.

When the Neaderthal did speak aside smacking and hair pulling made comical, we assume mostly to the body adjusting to the density being aware of its itself in relationship to its surrounding, otherwise it might have had to become acquainted to not nothingness but absolute nothingness making then a bastard less only a misnomer of amassement; thus the prehensile, deformable, oposible ie os·ten·si·blyap p arently appendable (capable of) ie human appendage or extremity or purportedly, but perhaps not actually, also implied to mean simplyep 1word and that word is stubborn.

Coding in for the Illuminati at 360, (counterclockwise) -30, -45 under a Ricki identity, so if it takes 2 children with 1 concentrating on the subjective self with a focalized point on whats currently being deflected or turned down in the rooms audio-visual setting, then objectivity must circumvent truth; so that both may prevail: unchallenged: unparalleled making the term Black nothing but a descriptor-clause made sentence declarative as an adjective; Nigger the consequence or ee (double e) in the causal speaker house. `Tiger Lily

And if in hearing; pardon us if we reference one child a little more than the other meaning when grotesqueness plays out subtler realms lean forward not on understanding but becoming with one now marked on her left hand by sexual prowess usurped much in the same way Aiti red freeze pop fumble turned fear- transgression against church of eternality; making hell and damnation, simply a livable threat not an actualized reality.

And if even one is enacted as speaker of the cosmic house; fails miserably to mean that they can make the ether do what it does when the left hand feels or sounds out and the right hand pronounces through some material means that usually involves recording tools or devices otherwise...something such the invocation love fest of sacred sould travels and presumes ie assumes reverbation shant or shall not be lost only re-emerges unsurrendered...yet if nothing move that fast but the truth then motion would be to speedy for the listener, observer or translator to trap or capture interpretation to relay for the church of accuracy. I pray

In Lipschitz continuity, lives genetic markers making trial itself an irrevocable truth; not fasity through the fanning of the left hand most likely indicated the spirit house of knowing struggles to translate out into the open space of not remembering but transferring, as well as relaying unihabitabited or yet to be inhabited milieu ears- lending to notions that a holy ghost could be verfied by bodies other than its perceivable self channel of armored sanctimony franchised from 4 corners of an elemental world being fire, air, earth and water.

While weve known many types of closure throughout the history of the church ranging from Goshen to Om Tat Sat Om and others but the next in its earliest test phrase being Arabic modified...

And in the highest level of invocation; meaning rears its ugly head out from behind the noose of transliteration for yet another installment of an identity uninterrupted and the Germans shall be revealed by number.`The Gyuto

In a state of ware, whatis to remind of you as anti-inertia and that, in fact, one is still moving...if not; people, places and things then what holds a man in check in the bedroom? What holds a woman in check in the bedroom? disabling what mightve been considered the pinnacale of physics at that time-categorical collision, as if chaos couldve been disproproportinately harmonized into something obscurely disaccorded; mutually invaluable: no price adjustment required.

We had to establish a reolving aesthetic account before anyone or anything else could apply for a line of a DNA credit and palpitate for value upon, which to charge the life known as transacting just as babies are passed from matriarch to matriarch in the nursery, so then some of these same bodies; must imminently remain; untouched, undisturbed, unssexualized, unsecreted, ununned by what it is not anti family extended at which bored my daughter wouldve been grotesquely bored by flesh which would have been the ultimate sin- waste of semen...in the event that these tools or weapons of vilification being unmasked, chiefly rape-molestation failed to turn this house against itself.

If a child cannot bear witness to its own impression being lipstick infused upon the mirror glass of was and is it forgets it had a life before that was.

I dont normally count on anyone showing up to lecture hall with any promise to remind me of myself prior to the flash but instead I lean on my own remembering or rememberance through use of an inbred mneurmonic; oftten referred to as Pavlov and the conditioned response during 13th and 14th century (otcherwise 18th) quite possibly making psychiatry and the psychotrophic drug the Nigger of modern psychology, while introducing a new branch of Mathematics called entrapment, as opposed to the more renown probability. `Leonard Susskind

In the event that everything else has failed, the goal then becomes or became to prevent the Black from being classical, the Swedish woman from being Afrikaans and the Chinese (at large) from being Canadian-Icelandic with variance or heart flutter in the atomic structure of a genome franchise-the crime for which rape and other atrocities have not only been copyright enable-enacted but shelled out beneath some pretend or imagine-bequeathed (imagined transferrable) entitlement noosing or lynching law.

In war, one does not make urban landscapes out of children for pawns nor checkmate out of diminutive service centers from depreciated tomorrows for or of disenfranchised addults. `Greta Thunberg

In an advanced race society, one is best left believing the sexual organ is, in fact, wherever we tell you and then that awakening must be programmed into that animal orifice being becoming the childrens first subconscious memory of coitus; otherwise you get a generation who'll hate you because you didnt care enough to tell the truth or worse youve assumed they arent mature enough to handle it; meaning its knowing. `Greta Thunberg

I ett avancerat rassamhälle är det bäst att tro att det sexuella organet är faktiskt var vi än säger till dig och då måste uppvaknandet programmeras till att djuröppningen blir barnens första undermedvetna minne av coitus; annars får du en generation som kommer att hata dig för att du inte bryr dig tillräckligt för att säga sanningen eller värre att du antog att de inte är mogna nog för att hantera den; vilket betyder dess kunskap. `Greta Thunberg

Money or an active reserve currency cant buy surrender, invocation ie good meaning you can’t parade or insist on a spiked allele infrequency paraded around in my face; while trying to pass it off as novelty; not when we've been all things that includes the Orisha wholl appreciate it far less than the piddle ole I; you see...everyone cant be quite so accommodating.`GRETA THUNBERG

Geld oder eine aktive Reservewährung kann keine Rückgabe, Aufforderung oder gute Bedeutung kaufen. Sie können nicht auf eine in meinem Gesicht herumgetrampelte Allel-Unregelmäßigkeit hin- und herschieben oder darauf bestehen. beim Versuch, es als Neuheit auszugeben; nicht, wenn wir alle Dinge haben gezeigt, dass der Orisha enthält es weit weniger schätzen wholl als der piddle ole I; du siehst ... jeder kann nicht so zuvorkommend sein.`GRETA THUNBERG

One learns to live a little more differently outside of foods conventsuality ie conventional sensuality to survive legal appropriorship...in the meanwhile- a layover while waiting to depart America.

When an oven be it: black range top or furnace style are not updated it were as if soot is passing through the sweet and meat pores leaving only its carcinogent or cancerous effecs in that wake or realization of a charbroiled unlikelihood yes hailing from the movement of whistling kettles, pots and pans opposed to boiler; used to heat water commonly in the basement of a dwelling not confusedly replaced nor mistake for the previous and skillet (which confucious believed to be confederate related as mere wall appendages or weaponry derived, inspired) also decorated against enamel or stone inlay for cast iron cooking device such as oven...right up there with the millet, musket and bayonet.

Vye might counsel me on what ink pen to purchase today (first one I see hopefully) otherwise I can not get level 1 rest from my brain due to computer typing; making the journal slightly less involved or labor committal. Computer says 2020.1.7 approaching never 15:00 GMT 1 Brussles or Belgium time.

While the fight for some name, lets take Woostock for example became synonomous with whats right about the world makes us to tell whats wrong about it too for even in paradise some ammends was underway: its not that we did not believe in perfection; just not the use of words, terms and or phrases like love, goodbye: see you then, fraternizing with lady so its fundamental occupation (isolated) meant absolution leaving nothing else to think about or calculate for let alone pretense under which is can/ could be falsely heard or used ie idolly or idlely blabbered (wrong place, wrong time, wrong person) phew! then there was uhmmm the notion that improper denotion extenuating from a bad bid could cost penalty and be made to falsely incur lady (first person noun reference duplicated here) and or land infraction; self-fulfilling prophecy? I think not!

For the thought of trying to make river waters recall unborn children as in children who couldve been, there is no penalty too great and so the consent to subversion's mind unit structure would either yield or oblige a punishment capability to overthrow relativity; making my current typing either temporally disquieted or anti-alive.

If need were, can and or is met not acquired let alone achieved like low grade little black book status rendered insignificant; then what's left again I ask? The correct answer would be- a desire impossible to reach further than its-already upward homeward stretch (and some day may the new nation state sleep a little more peacefully in that oddly-emmissed ie diplomatic truth).

In an idea world, there is no sucha thing nor procured trouble producing a response as "I'm going to get Jean Crane" or "Im going to get Tblond" let alone children simply appearing with baseball bats but instead the entire family of about 20 shows up; hopefully infused by not only will and testimony but faith that a/ some single morsel, base or plaster concentric (not meaning anti) shall never be separated; let alone pulled apart from its 4 earth corner perimeter..leave your amens at home.

In any singularity (defined as consciousness merging or twin ascendency ie x,y axis) or simulation, the program developer must first use him to verify that the product does works; exploitation being the exception: testing beyond a reasonable doubt must then be the fact ie beyond the legal finite perimeters (this too may have been a contributing factor for planetary descent meaning not everything is a toy nor a child capable of being eternally triffled up, on and out) then an only then should she be able to enact or underwrite cosmic law upon which the foothills of some modern society shall eventually rest and retire.

-A war is never one where innocence was the only crime; well that and the fact that there is no hill upon, which to plant or rest the fucking white surrender flag.

-As if we could ever make a bastard out of restraint नियति, f. niyati- the new first law of influence and re-claim impermanence...channeling us least and least back into the framework of our own surrender and if the act itself causes you pain then youre engaging it wrong for both those who came before you and after you.

-And in the aninal kingdom; exhibition is the sore loser period consequently making the entire body either an open blind point or a crudely absolved eye sore but only when it looks at you; now I challenge you to decipher "the when" ;)

-And in the animal kingdom; the competition is for not only the resistance and the resistance is the succession and for in doing so the war or west was won by the end stage making the difference between the do-er and the do-ee or the seer and the see-ee, also know as the perceiver and the perceive-ee ie the knower and the knowing.

-And when you love your children you give them the best not create an involuntary state of feigning or even worse a desire that can never be offset by off shore drilling time and time again: pretending as if purgataory where a target goal not a check point or vestige at which you merely pass up overlooking mirrors of onesself and with this comes incredulous responsiblity; othewise one of us might have let you starving and the other made a whore of this world first (who we've always been little less than some 2 bit revelation lending to the notion of a categorical imposiblity contrary to the intejection of a Laggert existence).

-The thought was once if you leave no unspoken, unthought , un un desire (no appearance untapped, if you will) then what you take home in the net must become and remain repectfully impermeable in the form of what would eventually be known as the Orisha with 1 of us a Chinese purifier of sexuality and the other a test field of indefinite memory bound to/by its law and the rest is history...hopefully we never hate what weve created too long or longer han what we justify space for being...unwilling to return.

-The dangers of elaborate astrology systems is that well what happens in a case where it cant be put back together, system crashes or has to be scrapped all together? state a pertually starting over or better yet temporarily ending

-Society presumes that brown eye gene pool family does not have a hierarchy; therefore feudalism only exists between blue and brown eyes yet this theory has been proven wrong or at the very least challenged by the construct of dominance meaning it is just as important for woman to retain femininity as it is for her to be a masculine serving God warrior. Inspired by the hazel eyed hindustana

-The purchase of products is more useful for my children than it is for myself but we mostly always require food yet and still having control over the land means you go out into the forest and you bring back or introduce new food making propriotorship the new imminent domain meaning...It is never going to be a victory for me; since you cannot put a bounty on sheer necessity.

-If cooking is based on electric or gas in its more appropriate form being butane, whereas charcoal stimuates fire, then came something like liquid fuel under a brand Kingsord, then why nas a natural element made the endangered species list? leaving us trapped inside homes starved off from a healthy dietary habitat; a chore to the scholar or acadamian? Despite the fact not all wood burns the same; some more hollow than others unpreventing us from digesting on this creationist earth originating bon bons or smores by campfire and even the luxury pig roast called a lulua (of pacific aisles) defined as a plentiful option: availability the sport; not need apply.

-There is no sucha thing as a Black or a White race pulled out of its existential pocket only dreaming of a race card that never was without a homeland, culture, language identity and an economy, as in a gross domestic product for both import and export...so this photograph is neither black nor white but actually grayscale.

WE YO -While terms like sex denotes boy or girl, identity denotes male or female, gender "speaks to" hows that gene expressed ie expression (gender expression)? ie masculine or feminine and orientation (sexual orientation) is "most on par with" preference; never said exclusive or not so alas a catch! need not be forgotton, as a mutable light threatening to forget keep; thus how it the damn thing shows up in classroom is not how it plays out in common or everyday life let alone conversational; hence term conversational English and in the meantime or meanwhile language goes to trial (ahead of a new nation state; leaving America).

-The update to morse code made real though the Navy (a branch of military) electric telegram was revived through policia (5.0) who when running lets say the 5K supplied the gulal or holi powder, which is used to mark or delineate, for example, first and second place much in the same way as a gender reveal party allegdly determines the sex or gender (generic) of the baby; making this learning activity most effective when 2 children, whether singular or twins are placed on the menu of expectancy (or of an expectancy date).

-In The Dark Mirror 1946, cinema dupes or defrauds real life though the objectification of actors, playwrights or agents such as Teri or Teritha, Teresa, Mary, Frankie, Ruth. Frances, Mrs Cullins and or Mrs Davidson; youd think it'd be the other way around but when film becomes a feeling thinking reactive compound-machine used to fact find or test for validity, then then environment itself has non other option left as a philosophical test field not as in piloting but in designation-unresignated...thus giving rise to an alleged modern rompus of words or terms like feminine shook and diamond stud making them hardly the creatures pawed out to society; til nigh (time, place, relationship defunct) or now ilearning the next generation that sequence and or frequency is God-paradigm.

-If a toddler sees a refraction in the mirror or looking glass of life, it is often said that that anaerobic truth now hiccups the soul IF only temporarily til its backdrop arrives. ~Kimmy or Kim Soon Young

-Theres a lot to be said for food insecurity (fable) meaning that not everything eating is supplied and not everything fed is full (making some of us appear less fortunate that generalized opportuning if only economy was built on a DSM IV system of organizing), equally starved but if providence or province insecurity (couldnt possibly be either, more than likely); but if food itself had a sexual politic then sex would be its own naturally inbred preservative and were all just sustenance under a behavorial spell...then start speaking on the myth of sense derprivation...lecture at a symposium is based on a mere quote (put this on a note card and hopefully I can pick it up from, later on).

- We´ve had to have every body expression imagining or genetic phenotype, a if the turtle keep a shell for a casing and her name was Sun, body inhabed occupational zone just to ¨roll out¨ ie occupy or co-author the self of likelihood.

-And ironically sometimes the most painful maskings make the best, most accurate sizings up of a lost genome now inherently found; out in the open just as they (Laggerts) tried to exempt it...in regards to working CDH INC LLC being both a Pullman and a Porter-occupying the narrative of both sides; hence reclaiming the term bust down as a respectable request that a pledge may be asked to demonstate...the context for the quote...Ms Brooke Stevens made me stand outside the door observing the lavish or posh life, reminding me of how I was being treated at 211...the kid not picked up at Pompeii ie school...Sister Ibarr could not go home on time, occasionally LV pick up an hour late...only does enough to show up...you know who. Putting my current life story in positive affirmation...you dont wannan concede, you dont wanna fall and you dont want to be wrong about the connection.
-And sometimes the only rehearsal you get for war is war itself.

-So far as race is concerned, when my young identity is Bjork...Its not that Chinese, Spanish and Afrikaans werent there as expression carrier but the metastasis or metabolic phase change hadnt released from its cocoon inhibited spaces; meaning under adversity: it reassebled distress.

-I dont know what it feels like to fight for the rights to who youve always been; yet there is an is and an I.

-My biggest fear was not that space was inadequate but that I might feel material matter and like it! Peggy Lipton inspired

-And theyve pulled so many phrases out of my cranium; made to feel as though, I am mocking my own action now upsetting an already erupted earth.

-Suspicion of us leaves only the them to escape that same speckled dust of fear drifting further into our same procured identity, now recognized as an actively unknown other.

-The sum equals not half baited bdy parts but equally of wholely imparted lives lived.

-Music and MVMT or motion is the elixir of synchronized becoming.

-They tried to make slaves of us by taking term Namaha in vain but we still continue dreamstatedly drunk while forged, welded against the backdrop of solitary emotion and fake it for sake of romanticism; time and time again.

-A life that they are not only smiling up but being life supported by is now requitted terminally; making the earliest notion of those open ended quotes not only a misnomer but a figment of an imagined loathing, simply another imagined existence.

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