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Kool Rock Steady In High School, we were the first generation to...get caught smoking in the girls bathroom, sex education went live, Spirit Day truly wasn't just relegated to a weekend or a week, wonder who all the athletic trophies in the display case belonged to in what category, subdivision etc stemming from the institutionalization of education shortly after the Great Depression with 10 years of filter time, to experience Woodstock in the form of a eugenics movement, know about that little black book and the voluntary sperm bank (consent optional); as well as the overhead on that account, realize that women actively ovulate so many times a year; hence remain actively pregnant (until fertilization), as well as, what it takes for the acidic levels to gauge a reading, experience being psyopsed into teepeeing houses, complete the taxonomic rotation on a genome head of state meaning...this is me and this is Majka on drugs;) believe it or not, ditch and pass, practically live at Doggy Dinner off of Ogden Avenue and o yea and there was Omega, known for pancakes yup but er. uhm...receive a drivers license; it was the least 5.0 could do for all those lovely years behind only the steering wheel, while someone else's foot was busy mindfucking the gas pedal, study constitutional law through the exam itself, test loyalties not only by an exercise known to NYC Ballet as falling: code name for the "trust test" but by who would spot for you on the rouster, study hall and wow even attendance; asshole, free float, much in the same way as a freemason (no questions asked) making way forth from Downers Grove to the South Side of Chicago's Kenwood and Hyde Park Academy and even the West side's Whitney Young, characterize collegiate, as well as, intramurial spots such as flag football, powder puff, gymnastics, swimming, diving and even free-diving, hold down economics on the home front and NASDAQ; lock and key with themes like Child Rearing including how to change a diaper> field experiments such as how to stretch food portions and sewing as a continuum or extension of Hollywood screenplay, theater and tv series making this cult of domesticity employable or earn-merit skilled (viable) wage labor. It's a no wonder why some parents would've never let their children go; just the thought of my daughter pleging for a sorority or a fraternity and "executing" a "bust down" (eiter kill one or push one up on the back) incorrectly; well, simply couldn't have been. No wonder some students look older than both the educators and their auxiliary staff, support personnel; now, think again...

(I ain't the one smiling, either)

This is me and my life in between, so ask me no questions and I'll tell ya no lies but what I will say is this right here...And someday the life seen (verb) and the life witness (noun) will match up; ironically that's the biggest problem with identity so far...the person whose name is being called may not look just quite the same anymore but that being still is as its always been despite the mind's innately disassociateship. Now and then; meaning High School
My underground name is Bora Bora and other names known by include inactive: Sacagawea, Bithia, Ninevah, Babette, Thathina and its variant forms; then in daily presenting there is Mom: Myamaat, Aiti, Tesuhntemek, Yamma Cheyenne or Shy as Raamsa shall refer to me (as anything ending in a; except Yamma with the break in Cheyenne being inclusive severing off one wtooman and introducing the other so, NO; Shy ok) with Mother popping up every clear blue moon. Xian is unable to call me anything he could never look like as a new generation, support or produce. Other names included Ananda, Ananda Lewis, Luan and uh...Lucy ie Australopithecus/ Austrolopithecus (the tier of the evolutionary food chain sprawling out various phylum kingdoms and in descending amass less genome rate of absorption, concentration or out put) hailing from either University and or offical museum curation, Laura Jean primarily a chief placeholder or the Woman of the Hououputr making me and my legal name, indentity entered into the United States/ America (immigrant) an undocumented citizen by the name of Maria Jean Hampton.

When who they tried to become can't be reconciled nor reattached from where you descended; The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria aka "The Mayflower" ie early settler life...
picture later
How it feels when a nugget of your life memory has been taken out and put back in without any glue! read it and weep...

Rehashing Westlawndale

When your brain stutters to get information out of its hiding space...such as...
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