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Basic Human Evolution

Make the case for a geneology genome based on a 7 step- homo species system or 7 stage evolutionary cycle without using quantitative data, where numbers cannot reflect dispersement, displacement, refugee status, undocumented status ie immgration/ emigration, much less; accurately account for total population/s...what da fuq? Otherwise one would have an anomaly in research or in self viewing perception, when that any videos for example pop up..speaking to or speaking for how far inland news travels, then national and even international syndication appears smaller or lesser...eliminating the sense of a world wide expose, as in the case of "The National Enquirer" created the need for redaction/s for no good reason but...(investigate the Miocene era ie 22 million to 5.5 million years ago roughly (where as Gnosticism proposes age of civilization to be 300 to 3,000 years old with average human free will at .003%) and select a top tier though to a bottom feeder and re-create this genome pecking order with uh lets say the Wooly Mamamoth, represented as Lucy or tier a. Please begin in descending order. Note: this is a group project)

In Descending Order:
Specimen Species Basic Characteristics
Homo Sapiens Mongrel (take the term into tribuna; rolled out as a seminar or symposium) who basically merged off into undifferentiated settlement locations around the globe.
Neanderthal Cave fairing days, where women were drug around by their hair, as a social functioning yet didn't intercept their kingdom's ability to master the earliest form of tool making.
Heildelberg Obviously Euro-German or Swedish-German in presentation but speaks to the development of data skills in the form of psychology through conditioned response with fire as the chief tool or testing method.
Erectus Asia with African origins renders the classical form of this traditionally warm blood land mammal who despite living in the wild is exceptionally conscious-docilitized through diet (hunter/gatherer society); unless rattled.
Ergaste A bone blasting denoted by age 13 denoting adulthood akin to the ability to make family or household decisions include the under tribal law guardianship to bear a child; no substitute for rape or spilling over of my DNA.
Habillis Noted by a streamline process in food intake and or digestion, making this species characteristically omnivore and pre entropy trending.
Astro/Australopithecus The common anthropological name is Lucy from which all other forms of human evolution flow forth; a common thread has been puzzlework using Jenga otherwise known as a game of pulling stick muds. It requires 4 players and the first one to bump an opponent stick is replaced a new player.
KEY TERMS OR THEMES: Drawbacks to quantitative research, matriarchy, Calvinism .003% free will, Age of Aquarius 300-3,000 years old, Fotoforensics

Concluding Notes: In the 2020, which consequential still sounds light years away, the debate no longer sparks personal outrage, so far as the classroom is concerned it only advances further alien, advance race biological anthropology or genetic schools of study until an always originating rubric of phlogeny. As a result, for the rest of our lives; we shall continue to be reminded of what happens on the planet in terms of health, degradation state and or infraction occurrring when academic and symposium related themes fall into the hands of Laggerts: planetary descent; hence comes the wait to be brought back up (to who it's always been). The enemy was under the impression of a habillis, approaching austrolopithecus when in reality the target would've been more like a mere homo sapien; placing them not only underneathe the neaderthal but making them straight up unborn. I can't believe dat shyt.


Kingdom of Animal

Create Yours! Here's an example: Mammal- feeds from the breast, so description or action used as a verb
Mamallary glands- The girls themselves as in the breasts on that female entity
Mmmalian- the collectivity for that species name; all inclusive terminology
Mammalia- The single species name and add an o for the Spanish; >hence male pronounced or prominence of that same phylum lets say...uh...gender modifier as a part of speech ie Sp. Mammal-the key definition is usually that they are warm blooded....maybe they come up with something called Mammal Oceania/ Mammal Iceland for location, then what do you get? hybridization What percentage warm? What percentage cold? unknow heres what we do know:

1. Able to withstrand some frostbite
2. Skin tans/ burns quickly in the sun
3. White outline takes over the hairline when temperatures exceed...
4. Keeps post natal drip amid missing silica ie hairs that normally keep particles from being swallowed into the nose; so then what protects it from lung infection currently, as Australopithecus is typing up this instructional?

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