The M Word

By Invite Only

Im bracing myself preparing myself for the first hit or the first installment back into her this one’s active existence.

I wanted to poke her in the ribcage to see if she's bleed the same identity.

Ususally these women are in and out of our property trying to hack me back into a relevant mission statement but now we are simply expatriotbound.

Post Constructionist era suggests that even restoration of the nuclear (questionable meaning) family will never be a victory for the the M word which is why you need children already on the genome track to smile and convince you that that is so.

What does Rosa mean? Rojas means red, then rosa or must, will or shall mean pink...but if they cannot say Pinky as in regards to a complexion stateof feeling or mood emotion, moreso than color as in "is her complexion flush," flush being the the meaning is Lucy, which denotes an Orisha being summoned. If this is true, then how weird or how Catholic unorthodox it must be to call for onesself! Cosequently if Rosa is the noun, then the proper noun follows after ie candy, doll ie Rose gold, for example one would get Rosa candy..then Rosa becomes an active community agent, where upon they can and my act as a collective body on behalf ie intercession of an earth or planetary-based need; hence came the candle light vigil...otherwise it were as if the spirit were being whooped for a crime, which it cannot locate. (redaction ..added not retracted)

If only it stopped there, which leads us into a discussion on "The M Word" which speaks to "The L Word," which consequently was a word unused thanks to foresable trouble.

1.Matrilineal-Geneology is traced down through the lineage belonging de Madre; otherwise the term would be patrilineal where the masculine and or male line would be the lineage in inquiry. Some instances where this might be needed include for health reasons, secondly for cultural reasons; since the old way suggests that a child was "whatever" their Mother was and at that stage was primary centered around faith as in the case of the character Stephanie in "All in the Family"; hence came the term "Mamma's baby Daddy's maybe with the understanding that a woman knows for certain when a baby has come through her body; her body shows some signs maybe more or less conventional; they are present with a man he may Never know without a head of not household but reproduction "filing" or "profiling" right (with enough names at stake: another problematic term).

2. Matriarchy as in matriarchial feminism-There is a one party rule or system for life under female based organizing; (under the guise of spearating sex, from sexuality from reproduction so sex happens in the mouth and lets say reproduction happens out on the open shores for example as in the case of turtles with that sexual masketing observating mid day and some percentage of images released or relegated back to internet as new nation state pere-emerging sporatically appearing that does not pride or priveledge one zygote, spermoia or spermazoid be it xory above the other which is why its called a transnational identity) otherwise known as monarchy. To say that woman is the more advanced of the speciesis passe or pedestrial because some of the women have been chiefs and some of those same chiefs have been chieftans which means the reverse is also true. Now without having established a precedent for such revelation; you would've had unroar in the middle of a war under he finest orchestration mainly because the planet had not come to a tribal or communal "knowing" othewise known as statehood (thus much information either remained hidden or part of tacit culture) in the case of a woman so aggressive on what was coined as the pre-fiat or United States dolla; (more adequately defined as The Benjamins) what then explains it? what came before it? or worse!? after it? and for what purpose? War is no time to find out or even think about it...which is why women normally infiltrate at at much slower rate ie sporadic, in a manner of speaking; as never to compromise the masculinity of the shield.

3. Maternal- Refers to the Madre so this is more like a noun waiting on a proper noun such as a Maternal (3rd generation. Aiti. Maitu) so....what Eden would be to Tblond ie the Maitu de hijo. Let's say for example Aiti is pre-occupied and needs the answer to an important question. The next in command the child would be able to ask is Maitu, which consequently is also Aunt, as well as, Dolly or Dottie, which have traditionally been associated with the term abuela or abulita; thus making the consecrated relationhip coparented through guardianship between either other one of not only hermosas but best friends forever..securing the genome at perameters not normally thought of in that particular Westernized/ Western forged sequence, upon which rests or encradles the tenets of civilization, backed by the planet's testicular fortitude and a belief that we've crossed far too many divergent paths to plausibly trade this journey in for anything else, now...the old catchphrase was "I wouldn't take nothing back for my journey, now." Most importantly, you are whatever that first generational is so geneological adjudicator with the implications being you can trace the health history down through the womans side of the family; not the father and without it you have not treatment nor care plan.

4. Maternity- Akin to nursery, nunnery; brothel with the verb being nursing...not ward (Im not even sure what that word means off the top of my head compared to turned over to state facility vs precinct or district...this has been a trouble term, hence swiched by a fabricated race)..derailing my train of thought but this would be more like a hut where women conduct women's affairs be it child planning, mid-wife classes. Other examples of what happens in this sacred zone includes lamaz class, tending to children, including and especially our past, neglected life selves (ie dealing with this notion of "a breast pump" gone awry or askew, re-acquainting before together expecting)...or create home made goods much in the same way as a bridal shower or baby shower, as well as a sex toy party takes place (not terms we care for). Xena is proof that a woman need not be over masculinated particulary in the face; where it allegedly counts most to demonstrate past, present or future signs of illness, loss or grief. Another reason you need whats known as a midwife making concept of whores who lay around and fuck every second of day ludacrus ludacris...With midwives they assist and propel the nation state; it has other application or functionality. In case of childbirth; one woman prepares the sheets, other woman boils water, other woman prepares for delivery process and works the works the mask as not to mock child in way that will make him think of wiggle action as Oedipus complex ie longing or sex with Mother because he associates the two, scorn him because he is not her or she, nor belittle him for being a personality yet feather named to be aquired nor achieved but born with...other woman is on standby perhaps and other woman will be second in command to receive baby from first woman and consecrate crevices so body function check might use a pocket flash to make sure clarity...might need other woman in the way between common area and kitchen as back up...sometimes they have to walk the floors for the women be it 1 o 2 who are down...fuck...thats an orgy but no one is really have sex as defined by conventionalty.

4b. Maternal-izing (the state of; and when state has been established ing is active and or ongoing, in terms of next generation other is stationary vs stationery or static so ongoing state means transfer of property blood right to live a life properly incubated) may be re-distributed so eggs layed on shore buried perhaps in sand for mermaid, sewn up after perhaps 3 children (end of pocket sex), long physical apparatus first tested on mouth hence reproduction separate from sex is goal, with ultimate goal to be orgasm mouth to mouth (tongue and breathwork for muscle initialized momentum; all other groups must back down coitus from there until new sequence for fear that well...that look may not be for everyone...still testing it ourselves even) for whole body orgasm and maybe over time organism travels like one ball point along body after initial contact like mechanism on a track water electrical circuit procession fashion moving though toes, heart, brain, rectum, breast plate... so and so forth...who knows...raw hypothesis.

Other Spin-Off Terms Revelant: Prefix

Most likely to gain trouble traction much in the same way as a vehicle on differential terrain

Maid as in you cook, clean and tend to laundry for me with no terms no salary negotiation, the same but with union dues and fees (obligatory spending for adequate coverage) or as in maid of honor.
Maiden as in a lady awaiting spouse; perhaps with children, then there is an expecting woman; consequently or casually waiting on partner to arrive. This is compounded by the fact that festivities between women usually begin, start or commence in adult form after what was known as dusk be it a roast or witches brew, also denoting a woman of leisure or one who formally waits on no one for immediate survival, so time frame/ historical period contingent-flexibile in its right or rite.
Matri as in 1st generational; Mum known in United Kingdom Great Britain and also the prefix to all things feminine origin matrilineal, matriarchial, maternity and maternal with devout Hindu custodial noun connotations which only appear traditionally in cross-cultural studies but with transnational identity; law self enacts and isolation rejoins the human race of dominance.
Mani; just as some word splinted off as namaste as in I bend to or honor the divineneess recognized in you, then opposite should be in bend to me as I take or accept this oath (perhaps even witness this oath with lawbound eyes) in various format from house blessing, baptism to wedding.
Mana, as in mana house means food comes attached or blessing infused as consecrated by its all encompassing land inhabitations; meaning good will is implicit. For in the Quaker way of life, there is no other option and thank God for those us who are mature enough to know, honor and abide by the difference; less we would still be trapped under the perception of a distilled homeland-waiting to return to us (making its hills all body no feet).

The Art of Prefix and Suffice

Some immediate examples includes maidenform refers to a a brand of brazierre, as well as, shape holding body reinforcement, Milkmaid refers to a style that women kept while working farm land performing chores such as milking the cows so also refers to wedding style hair. So them comes the understanding that maiden works dualistically as singular and plural but plural has a generalized context meaning uhmmm maiden rarely eat alone in the company of each other; less the whole body be a stomach and the eyes be smaller than what some sexually autonomous desire phermone (musk) gland may percieve itself as wanting; need not applicable.

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