This is a 妈妈 Journal (confessions of an inflexorated society) is just a daily logging of important invents for Maria; Aiti, Yama, 1. Myamaat or 2. Myam, Cheyenne, Shy (without any distinction, so far as my girls are concerned; he who came first is King), consequently Heather can call me Jean but these are normally grown folks names: Maiea, Morweira*..our Vi scratch pad is at Viscratch.html

¨Sometimes what people say isnt what they mean and what they mean is by far more powerful than what they control.¨

Jan Priority

-12.18.19 Transcripts Plus-Roosevelt University
-12.20.19 Possibly before even Lucy Mumners was introduced to Fine Arts buiding in navy blue uniform with sweater, was existence either front and or back door Im standing looking out where 3 pillars and or columns not rows so vertical where waters would rise when condtionally was not met on atmospheric terms so when that spirit body was aggravated waters would rise upon calming the waters would subside around base level. I saw myself looking out the front window but its more proninent at that back window and at some point, I am there and them probably used for further SJ comes up.

-12.11.19 Cambridge link received, applicant portal, Apply Here and Register Here. Consequently, we were already in the database and simply did password target date is April 2020 with deadline being Jan.15th for paperwork with 37 days left; hence "our" application is active (4-5 person count) actually 2 adults with 1 enrolled in study, 1 spouse and 2 dependents (I support) technically 3 (my partner/Tblond/the scientist).

A Day in the Life

Eartha has to lose some look by scaling downner, then re-factory condition prosperity for the Promise of a Returning Neptune (like what better time to teach a child about good touch and bad touch than in the middle of an active war i being facetious but…) the fair skin child on level 1 was contacted into the situation so promised uniques kid (guinea pig in pro rated exchange for her mother having to be tricked over nothing because they are a fabricated race) as some phenotypic output on a Genotypic presence, so far as any dna scrub list is she then, more than likely borrows from the framework of George Forman to do it becomes ..if your not careful you can get these Laggers to convince whoever wherere they feel not even a strike...density temporarily life supported by materials like plastic but that that feeling of nothing can be compensated or offset by an astral realm body function other than any of these women really did cushion meaning d break the fall as not to implicate myself in any falsity such as playing wtith the spirit..impossibe to confuse a this with a that...asif lying could ever be a density? But Lipton whooped me and it hurt like hell dats true...but THey had to New modality or demo for surviving the alpha shore in most importantly the as carrier parents under legal cosmic law.

Rod her Rick may have been Elliott with that long walkie talkie and or Joe Penny with Clive or Roberty Nyquist, as chaperon.... consequently Joe Penny in the birthday segents on youtube couldve been Melvin who knows but...what I know is use to be that when you got past so many feet they had to let you where that go emanates from illegal race mixing such as miscengation dating back to 1800, so mixing of official white trash and black trash with low to no iq, accusations of seuxal impropriety or uh...vioating gender dress code...point being we had to far for them to ask questions or bug us about kinship, but for Earth she learned...the art of timing- orchestration.

Perhaps early language newly indoctrinated becomes Arabic (normally written) but becomes first nation start up words in the form of family titles Maia sounds fine with possibility of now becomming Magdalena, cuss worses and basic survival terms like please, music, baskinette, grocer market, potato, salad, el carne de sada, snacks, candy, excuse me
Michele Reyes aka Michele Caruso use to be Michele Branch (I get to UIC and Traci Griffin aka Brandi Pratt is with somebody named Michelle Branche-I dunno who da fuq she was before dat) but at some installment T gave me the jacket reluctanty thinking I would turn on her but as you can see I got it on...I probably surrendered the jacket...maybe they brought it back to for all purposes and intent; point made but anytime you can remember or account for a look, a name and a spirit house body encasement or encasing...I know some shit consquently my name was baby and not in cute, cuddle buddy type of stuffed animal kinda way. Non sucha thing as Im a trick or hoe for non partisan ship; I had a family..identity stolen and that was hold up preventing genome from connecting on track; I didnt say on or as scheduled...I believe I gave a margin of error 5 2025...but the men said 2020.

20.1.19 There use to be a Penelope Cafe on Ashland, blue line was next to Capezio near West Town, and maybe Crete High School or at least University Park was near lake street el platform; which was upstairs.

2020.1.19 I am so tired of hearing about Diferent Strokes television series and how Willis is fucking Kimberly...prolly Charles little black booking and or borrowing from Rod her Rick credit to go to Missouri to make what they believe is mix race children to hoard hold back and pass the genome originators...thats a possiblity.

2020.1.19 Im in public school (around the time frame of MELANIE) with cheese and lunchmeat and no bread; someone puts a call through to school saying I dont dont have adequate lunch (solely because of lack of bread) so making trouble and school says well her dad is a dietician...not sure what happened after that...

2020.1.19 False Linda files include Vecee, Thompson aka Verbaline, Gonciar, Duane Woodward given temporary guardianship of 3 children including myself plus Christina and Angela (possibly Flemming and Lipton) I hear good cop discussing it with Manny who at some point they tried to pair with you know who (TAB); a deal with made to keep last names Flores and Morales meaning Venegas loses out; same ending.

2020.1.18 If I forget you; my mind is a retainer, my body a pre-loaner engine or valve so you cannot; impossible both to be out of active awakened commission print or circulation at the same time. This extends a state where parent remembers child, even if child isnt aware of its extenuating conditiosn of/for self; indicating a property filed of existence times itself... at some variable which shall remain unknown and that my fellow friends is what we do when we care for our offspring just in the format legitimate people seeking consul from Orish must pass through this guardian women; whereby she sits there slowly nodding yes or no to gifts, ecommerce items left and or to/shall or shall not be purchased by me-same difference Honor is how we showed the fuq up on this planet, before planet descent invite itself in by usurp and I be doggone; meaning and thats how we going out from America.

2020.1.18 But in the end; I remember hearing something along these lines keeping im sitting here typing but "Oprah" (Oprah created by TB was once me, then transferred to Agnes Ramon; so it remins TB getting knocked upside head in film Color Purple once density is uonbstructed without a mascot in site to cover or offset "The Fall of an Obscurity") aka TB was going to be fixing nachos, my guardian and spouse was going to working Woodstock so probably overseeing and or supervising various projects and I dunno what else.

2020.1.18 T asks me at girlbar; of all the things I said I got wrong, then what must I have gotten right? My answer was you; referring to her so by standard; I was the first and earliest prototype of a sexual desensitization program ran on an adult and then programmed back in and that my good friends is what we call "a train" (especially with so many wowen in horitontal line, succession and or in single file pill up) in its most respectable form; as if there were any other option.

2020.1.18 I remember the educator was in the dark room in high school and the brown girls come over to her while shes working on film development flashing, while Im there and she takes off her gloves with hold on a minute. She lets these fabricate race fools finish the only formal procession they'll ever need to know and well; that activity turns into or becomes a mating call for me needing to take care of her; if you know what I mean ie refocus or recalibration of energy from you are boring me to oh yea, I guess it is feeding time ie baby's hungry (names blancheberhanetiditu come up and they were small but this was at district 99).

2020.1.18 I remember this kid (luvel) being at the window in the projects for the Cook County State's Attorney ie Kim Foxx ad; with me probably also wearing a denim skirt, so the object of the game...assuming it is a game cannot be to not want each other and not let the other family to be meaning in the event you fail to make a decision; getting dead becomes all that's left, since the entirely genome is leaving America.

2020.1.17 Laggerts get ahold to some concept such as a test tube baby, for example, then there excuse to the scientist becomes "prove she's yours," while never letting go of the child's metaphorical arm in the form of allocations be it electricity, water ie natural resources and or something that they defined as "rent" with the ledger being transfered from property to property on the childs head in the case of the latter.

2020.1.17 A lot of people mostly remember The Star Spangled Banner as the dead air signal or off he air signal that the television spit out at various times like 11am, midnight and or 2am bu there was also The National Anthem, white noise or static, the rainbow signal, a horizontal line that jolted across the tv putting you in the frame of reference of a television camera tracking someones heartbeat in real time and whatevers else.

2020.1.17 I wonder if the scientist decided to sample an embryo or zygote just to track life cycle without US directly attached and or if to play with ie have fun with for a while and then shrink back down to size?

2020.1.16 Seems I remember the earliest protype of female identified bonding occuring with with Ewe in a large champagne glass with her sisters all tending to her every whim; then positions were rotated though this time space continuum for a 15-16 year old prototype of a grown woman and as I gained momentum design became more intelligent.

2020.1.16 Seems I remember Eliza (Im guessing mightve been sent to a Black household, put on dingy undergarment and sent out or set up for entrapement degrading not her looks as what was done to me but her hidden clothes) standing to the left and Yolanda (Mom missing but she lives with the aunt) and her partner (she was thick perhaps wearing a skirt and maybe boots) being in bed in that basement perhaps I was some time later blasted up to adult level with my partner and we temporarily took up space in that same location...unsure..nevertheless making me outward seeming or appearing 3rd to 4th generational in relationship to E or Johnś wife. Consequently they tried to give the loan or give the file to this Keisha character with the 2 blue ribbons in the black; the Hispanic girl clowned her.

2020.1.15 Having once had my own place on Taylor street meant I have recollection of an earlier life detailed under Peggy Fleming family portrait where we had parents and our bedroom was redroom adjacent to theirs. Early immigrant life under Italian influence characterized by Catholic values of home first and densely packed spaces, so children did not live solely on their own...frequently driven to and from their pursuits be it ice skating or gymnastics. After evening practice of having hit the ice, I would get home, take a hot bath in oddly placed or horizontal room across my comfort space; then relax in bed with my eldest sister (thats what she was to me at that time). This becomes the best example of how tradition and modernity sat functionally next to each other; without any cognitive dissonance or disconnection between that and a Scottish judgement system less demanding less perhaps conservative.

2020.1.11 Chicago City Wide Colleges known to Downtown were once located at Jackson and maybe Central but consisted of Harold Washington, Harry S Truman and Malcom X perhaps with Richard J Daley appearing shortly after in an adjacent locality. There was also Kennedy-King normally associated with the South Side of Chicago but they can implore neo-realism for a location to either be ported, converted or simply be whatever is required originaating as "The Westside Learning Center" with names like Olive-Harvey and Wilbur Wright among the list.

2020.1.11 In high school Parish Hicks aka Vito had a bet going to see if able to get some pussy from the the highest line so far as looks and IQ in its perfected state so just an average educator became macho after proving well yea...she was getting it from me and Chris Pershing aka Charlies Angels. I walk to adminstration office and see her sitting on a chair reading a magazing, while collecting all of his moola.

2020.1.9 We might elect for Avery iron ons, since receving mail is now and has been for quite some time a de-humanizing function of measure or means; so not a feasible or reasonable option.

2020.1.9 Cambridge application has been completed! We only work with the reference situation

2020.1.8 Twice in my life offically do I remember declining a popsicle over fear of my life with first time being offered perhaps a red pop sickle by one of the Chicago Sun-Times worker in the back producing same fumble as McKenna...1 man probably asked me about it and my answer produced a term called rape, assault and battery off genome track...the 2nd time T comes upstairs stoops before me in petition intercession style offers me a pop sickle, which I dont want to take obviously reminder of a bad contract being in place...she of course can convince, force or make me take it by doing what she does..hence loosing a little girls body or preparing her little body parts for those 3 words used above...perhaps the color blue arives; dont hold me to that part.

2020.1.8 In a large cotton field of the South ie South Carolina the Laggert Blacks did not want to be represented by anything pre-midnight blues, after the likes of beige but now obviously the matriarch came before the child. Normally slaves were subject to pedigree inspection (somehow they found before bought or auctioned (vs sold) making the transacting itself a currency hoarding transnational identity, since the South couldve never won on the backs of a single set of isolated genomic twins cause the rest of that “alleged” demographic wouldve outweighed produce, product yielding and exporting cash crop or otherwiset, also known as, bonafied labor (rate dog gonnedly inflated or expressed) skill set falsefield neverless; the wager was placed on my head but the file of commoner upbringing known as Eartha Kitt had been relegated to White folks at large and she returns back for a piece of “there’s or here’s to living” ;)

2020.1.7 While this memory most clearly resonates on the set of the TV series Amen but after being in trouble for speaking out; perhaps even at Greater Bethlehem Church (use to be a red fire hydrant there and then seems we recount a move across the street to the right) but somewhere on the west side...I had to fill the pot holes in that church parking lot, then that church was demolished and a shopping center or shopping mall was resurrected in its place with Gimmea Break S3E13 Samantha's Protest being the ultimate burden of proof.

2020.1.7 Transcripts ordered from Roosevelt University for submittal to Cambridge University, perhaps I should also put in for Edinburg next month; we shall see but CI-T25: Transcript Order 0AG796229 Receipt

2020.1.5 After hair texturizer is done hair is supposed to be tied up and left alone instead the Laggerts (jeep) untie my hair and plays with it long enough for it eventually to be wittled down to nada time and time again; they think i dont know it...hang me over her lap with that infestation growing inside her body and play with the silica.

2020.1.5 Laggerts used Woolite for intimate coordinates and lingere on cable knit stockings for little girls and other assorted wool items.

2020.1.5 You could reach Rainbow Ice Cream on South Side of Chicago, then came the roller skate rink but via State, Michigan or Western and end up on the left side of the street.

2020.1.5 Lonette McGee/ McKee under the auspices fo Eartha Kitt, living alone in 2nd level and T lives on main level, which eventually became garden and I dont wake up until about 12/1pm or 13:00 hours when shes usually coming up to see about me. The night before we are usually have a quiet disagreement about aesthetic value and children...she me...your going to want a little girl who looks like me if I were small...which I had not been at that juncture...unlikely...planetary descent had not formally happened. Eartha La would be spotted with Elliot checking in on me at the the jazz club (he says remember who this little girl is right here ie same young lady living with I...what I believe happened was I said no to that look but T put her in anyway (yellow usually spells trouble besides whats the culture for yellow?...making April quite possibly the intermediary between myself and Eartha La, then I become a Ms Brooke Stevens profile and not because Im tring to retrieve my child but because I have to watch all these Black men in the club and I was into myself. T was probably the pale or white woman in the house hiding in the back intermittantly while jazz/blues jam session was going...forming an internal look out..not realize when we leave the club, we pick up chicken, go home and what we dont eat goes with her and the little girl same young lady downstairs.

2020.1.5 Amber use to come up wearing gray Bermuda shorts and get into Traceyś rollaway with me. Stupid! Im leaving this bullshit ass country.

2020.1.5 Mae Williams set me up downstairs on the first floor #left since the cookies were in a candy jar and not a cookie jar so children such as myself and Gia would walk through an open door straight to the countertop, climb on a bar stool and help yourself to a cookie. It couldve also been some of the women had summoned me for the rape in a way that would not threaten to further erode my system so off I went. They wouldve old Gia, Im sure she had a good reason for doing what she did...she just keep following her and no you consequently dont have to worry about being what we learn is who weve always been making it impossible to lust let alone desire anything other than our own species making validity or truth inherently monogramous.

.. 2020.1.5 The Jeffersons TV series just mightve been filmed on Ashland Avenue ie right of side street where Laggert (EMB) was allowed to temporarily stay after building was rehabbed; being unable to upkeep 211 without Jessica.

2020.1.3 Even after, everyone is accounted for and were so over the Alymer trick (you have cousins in America and if you act nice and present well on televison; they will send help), you still feel incomplete...then youd get a new sequence of twin 1 parent 1 child with the child being some greater percentange of oxygen based water fuel, than the parent-spouse. Lets theorize how that would appear or feature in a punnet square.

2020.1.3. Day 1 Test trial begins after having only had brocolli and bread, since tastebuds are bland after 2 days of tuna and custom Mum manufactured Bologna; no its not all the same!

2020.1.3. Meal of new year prepackaged Starkist tuna creations ie bacon ranch, herb and garlic, as well as hot buffalo style, Clancys Kettle chips original, pistaccios, York dark chocolate covered peppermint patty, Ritz crackers whole wheat grain ie 5g whole grain so 5 grams per whole grain, motts gummy bears and Super Freeze Pop Coconut Milk with the brand name being Paleteria Azeteca #2 with the clown on the front.

2020.1.3 Fine Ars Buiding during the time of Roosevelt University sholdve had a 2nd level concierge...seems I remember grabbing lunch there, as a graduate student.

2020.1.3 Application paid for and put in to Cambridge; thinking I may also put in for Edinburg in a month or so.

2020.1.1. Many different accounts of where Yogananda was from ie Agra, Calcutta, Kathmandau so on and so forth; making the phrase go West report directly to California ie Woodstock, 1963.

2020.1. Maria Jean, Theres starving children in response was ¨ẅhy dont you give it to them then¨"aka a Joan Crawford file

2020.1.1 Laggers compete down or bid on who you absolutely would not fuck, who you might fuck, who you would settle to fuck and who you would opt to fuck if it meant saving your own life or some of those women. Get that. Voluntarily destined to be or come true.

2020.1.1 We begin the month as a doomsday prepper buying 10lb pound of potatoes, bag of red apples, large container of raw broccoli and sourdough bread which I first knew of from Italian bakery shops, ideal for digestion and now we can take it from there.

2020.1.1 Laggerts must find something else to do besides put a lean on my intellectual propery rights and hiding behind their elected mascot, sending them or those kids in to do your bidding and or take the hit for you in hopes of weaning down to your cheapest solvent point; aint one of em.

2020.1.1 Whats happen will and shall never be a victory to and for me it is but a circumvential loss; damages could never be offset by the pursuits with the only way out is the way you still hijack in topically anti sub-normative, environmental phenotypic ie normal presenting state meaning awareness of being yet still ibe goddamn in a fabricated world part. Hows that: Come again!?

2020.1.1 What was noticed 2 days ago was a sore small lump on the base of my nose...ask me what I believe?! I believe that the bone is concentrated or swalled back or has receded ie retreated to that area meaning that the tip has been obstructed from filling out completely; now what you get is anything but bulbus but you get a whole in the nose without structure that includes nose cartillage generically old Souther folks once called gristle. This is compounded by false persons pulling on your beauty genome structure, located in a falsified world part, inadequate medicate treatment such as these women acid/ base touching off on my face through surgical means, not being placed on an airplane where the altitude hits 100%, oxygen deprivation, loss of nose hair usually means theres nothing to protect against infection that my lungs shouldve swalled by now leading to seriously infections disease..since silica usually catch themse little pathogenic buggers. Complexity indeed!

2020.1.1 A month now seems like a longer interval, shorter duration making it different to regulate any 1 treatment among them being vitamins, hormone, bone builder, tumera treatment, cell regenerist cream and naturally producing water being shed in the form of skin peeling off like on and so forth but consequently this makes it difficult to gage how much product, substance or compound is needed per 2 weeks...consequently liquid eye liner applied on lips function as mood lipstick changing eye color to charcoal gray, thats what this shoddy pathetic ass interpolated dense ass fabricated camera ...attacted to an ok ¨android¨ phone picked up with the flash on..facing the mirror; not the inverted I guess that means?

2020.1.1. A pale man is at 211 and Melanie is also near the long brown pedalfoot stool step mahagany coffee table; he says ¨Shes a little girl just like you´re a little girl, how come you wont let her check on you?¨ Next thing I know she probably had agency to move my body because I black out after that, only knowing I probably had on a dress and she had on a mini skirt snark lunge in effect.

2020.1.1. As West Lawdale Peggy, Mae told me to stick my head out the window (#right #up), at which point steak knife was dropped into right arm of Eddie. White fabric strip used to apply pressure ie stop bleeding. Im then flashed into a state of memory aversion; temporalized but their all laughing from the ailes of illicit sorcery assuming my identity will never bump into the mad dog of as Jean Brown to the script of hoodoo/ voodoo (verve)- white powder sprinkled either all on hall and or staircase, while walking back to the house with Thelma from either Skinner school or shopping like jokes on me...yet and still followed up with Evelyn killed Sonny over some White woman with ominous casting and eerie elevator music being summoned in the background ie someones going to kill you.

2020.1.1 Its one thing to say one has never been hungry from a shortage ie food insecurity because a fabricated race isnt pulling on provenance (that term pours in instead of province) or because you are being filled up with the wrong food groups and portions, as allocated by a standard fucking styrofoam S-3; thats no where near the same thing.

2020.1.1. So then events are strung together on a string like pearl necklaces from Woodstock 1963 woudve been the beatles roundtrip drive from Chicago to L.A., the little temple boy, William Randhurst, Patty Hearst@ Berkley Campus, the male Professor on physics on a dreadfully hot California day; hence no cooling system due to the need for a control study group and an experiental.

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