The Orisha State

Night Web Sisters

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On that historic night of ceremoninal endowing, which well surpasses my children’s notion of a Robinhood generation; something imperfectly flawed and magically human occurs. These young shrine trainees (representing the benchment on exploitable labor) are gently enticed or coerced through semi conscious dance states or under the cover romp to awaken, in the offer for non sexual pentance; unfortunately that’s not the only wager warring.

In less fragile terms, the Orisha soul pussy undergoes a snip and tuck or spirit castration in hopes of addressing any potential-outstanding vow leakages; traditionally. Next, part of the body is cut (scarification) like the thigh or hip upon whispering some sacral obscenity; since the notion is that your immediate loved ones must mar-reach you before any outside contact will ever think such things.

From this comes a general overture-feeling anesthetic sensing, awing, knowing-horror of leaving little time to evaluate non consensual excretion. What has transpired upon the earth briefly covered in another piece somewhere here was that the term chattel property like furniture was swapped out for the youngest monarch line; now the oldest among once younger siblings now coincidentally the last earth-monarch.

Many have said that the youngest on this introductory genome branching spectrum shall guard what becomes indeterminately fragile at the point or onset of early womanning. Historians were quite unsure about what happens to a woman’s body during not menustration as much as ovulation, leavy many questions were unanswered in the trail of determinism. This phero or polymone escrow self identifies as defiled, despite born innocent; the crime with no right arm of US exceptionalism option let alone an American one. You are frantically awakened and told “You’re walking tonight” with no time to consider if that means child bride, Manilla street walker or perhaps petitioned for death; designed by an overcast animal summoning the target to crawl up in its spirit hollow to rid impropriety making sin less than a game of odds.

It is often said that a representative will send one of their members when a troubled soul needs to be released not from torment but from the torment of others. The body defects to a state of augmented vigilance, only to realize brutality has not disfigured as presumed...after having been asleep: only comes into clerical focus. Active enrollment means one can expect to be ghosted by their optimal view range in full face adornment, which might sound unorthodox if uncharted by unimprinted immigrant life ranging from graffiti buildings to workshops museums.

The blade of female exacting receives maybe 10 minutes to get dressed; (thus tricking the body’s fight or flight response time, eventually they are bestowed with a neurophrenerim inhibitor update to male tango with rape and other pain-salvagable modifiers) in their embodiment, yet organizing comes along for the ride. While haunted beneath a small dried dampening of blood, demiess wallows in its mystery left whored by the thoughts of where it might have truly originated or spread; no time to inspect the body that’s been housing the memory vault since, Luxembourg. Sometimes a recording device watches you in the upper right corner, as an implant within the community which leans in on intuitive reasoning articulation.

Something just clicks like a mercenary prompt with a room full of expectant or hopefuls waiting to be received by these prorated collection of audience members now next of kin (usually privy to a little more information than the ambassadors of transformation); consequently foregoing any childhood in a continuous stream- only mini erratic bouts, otherwise denied the right to an altruistic state.

The monarch parent families for Kumari has created many self-fulfilling pre-determined personas that split the uncontrollably trending personality into recognizing its "girl" ideal. Some Negu may be lucky enough to have children already on a genome track so they haven't had the issue of anti-saying or anti thinking; if my children live lets say across the hall, then where I am in second person?" The answer is unclear; this is true.

What we learn is that coraling linguistics aren’t shy about extending the grace of the Spanish. This is pretty neat making a pre-meso dominion more comprehensive and English essentially unknown to the United Kingdom or Great Britain so reduced to a filler language. Needless to say this casting call for a faith perceived uncertainty for orphans catapulted into a bid for Eden with innocence (contraband) being the crime, lust and then planetary descent; yet the Gods return with their own counter condemnation frequently in cases like this.

People rarely imagine that this type of consciousness gap closing might retard those left behind into now a bid to close off the gates to some place that we can refer to in cultural context as the netherrealm, as in the nethers are no longer conventionally reachable; not to be confused with hades obviously and this is, in fact, what has traditionally made a runway mode; "set it off”considering the term hasn’t abeen around that long to really understand or confirm the nature of or physics of marading governance.

(Consequently, this makes intelligence an act of necessitating and less one of randomness; which has been conclusively proven).


And The Art of Issuance

(Akin to brick laying)

In pre meso America, paternity was proven by way of oratorship among spirit fellowship and people trusted those who took up residence next to them; hence in the Black and sometimes the Christian and even less Baptist/ Pentecoastal churh you tured to your "neightbor" and ask how are you today? no match of civility was measure out against a false electrical charge...Consequently, at least 1 parent would respectful come; not to defend but to announce her prietess child and other members knew their subsequent or repective placement (lets say there are 13 of them). The guardian and or monarch would yell "She's mine" on behalf of other women who remain hidden in case of xyz. Long gone are the days of toy drives, donations, raffles, giveaways; hence backed up lines ie commotion: trouble and direct petition of God, mercy, foriveness (no penance, no poison-quick death, no sorrow no buyers back of the soul now) let alone sovereignty through these young vehements/ vehematrons. For the Jihra now known as "The Amdo" have been tarnished, triffled, taunted and belittled yet what history has always know them as...shall continue...indubiously...It's impossible not to recall a time when Chiefdom was synonymous with "The Shanking of the Scarecrow"...before enemies hardened their faces; not their hearts...The devotee screen or veneering would be prepared by sacred ceremonial drugs for "an issuance" or a "showing" as in handing out/ airing out ie cultural proofing/ cultural proofreading or cultural underwritting of surveillance or cultural underwriters of an Anatomical or Anatomy Genome"...under themes like...warning to keep a way (Orisha: here), a living testimony and or this is the blessing you seek, you see now? Honorably leave contribution to your witness and be on your way. No No; which has gotten us in this wretched condition we are still working effortly to resove; by leaving America- make no mistake about it...and if redemption were not already a redemptive enterprise redeeming ie worth redeeming, then what would've become of us? Not even God knows

Regarding the silver mask: It takes 1 abbyess to front sustainabilty in lieu of what she alone has suffered, the 2nd one to make make a set of phylum twins that carry the burden and 3rd one to free ¨MVMT¨
Regarding the circle or cycle through this is how truth and lie can keep or hold its own; all else Laggert... still women can raise viewing memorandum per iq quotient or keep opening and closing door every second, 30 seconds or minute being disclaimer or threshhold sobriety test.

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